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Meteor Mammoth and Emotional Stewart: Watch This Week

Image The next week will pass without high-profile blockbusters, but nevertheless it will be able to please movie fans with some variety: the list of premieres on July 14 includes both high-budget animation projects and more intimate biographical dramas, as well as science fiction, a new horror and more. And the main bet our distributors make, obviously, on the cartoon "Ice Age: Collision is Inevitable" - the fifth picture of the popular franchise about the adventures of the mammoth Manny and his friends.

This time the rat squirrel Scrat , chasing the coveted nut, will find itself in outer space and launch a chain of events that will lead to a giant meteorite moving towards the Earth. Since"collision is imminent", Manny and company, with the support of the one-eyed weasel Buck , will decide to develop a plan to save the Earth, which will become the main storyline of this tape ... Judging by the trailer, the new part of the film series will pay increased attention to action scenes, but at the same time the same deep study of each character (including visual) and humor, understandable to children from six years old, will remain.

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The first critics of "Clash" turned out to be merciless: in their opinion, the franchise has outlived its usefulness, the plot cannot be compared with the previous "Ice Ages" , and in general - for the Fox studios and Blue Sky it's time to stop milking an elderly cow and turn your eyes to new stories. And all these unpleasant statements, of course, do not negate the fact that families with children can have a great time in the company of familiar four-legged friends.

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The science fiction we announced at the beginning of this review is Equals directed by Drake Dorimus, who previously only featured in the drama and melodrama genres. The film stars Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart, and its plot revolves around a new generation of people who are forbidden by the current regime to experience any emotions. Falling in love is also prohibited, and it is this prohibition that the characters Holt and Stuart will violate. Note that Equals have already thundered at several festivals, and at Venice they even received an award for the soundtrack. Reviewers noted the successful acting duet, delicate direction and the fact that, despite the declared theme, the film turned out to be very emotional.

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If you're not eager to watch Kristen Stewart play, check out the biographical sports drama Willpower , which tells the story of how a black athlete in the 30s contrived humiliate Adolf Hitler himself. Director Stephen Hopkins filmed this story a little superficially, but the precedent taken as a basis, as well as the work of the leading actor Stephen James, make the project very attractive for connoisseurs of a high-quality show about the life of strong personalities.

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For those who go to cinemas to tickle their nerves, domestic distributors have prepared a horror Damned. Confrontation " , which involves an epic battle between the characters of two famous franchises -" Ring "and" Curse ". The Sadako of the first will face off against the Kayako of the second, and the battle between the two deadliest demons in Japanese cinema history begins. Alas, the trailer does not make it clear whether you will be scared in the cinema, since it does not really show anything, but the first reviews of this seemingly optional crossover have already appeared. And they say that the film looks more like a parody than a good old horror, and instead of the promised epicness, you will find incomprehensible fuss and confusion.


The USA film industry will feature the musical dramedy Dance with Me next week, inspired by the lucrative American franchise Step Up, and it seems they expect the same success. The directorial debut of Mikhail Shevchuk will tell about the love triangle that developed during the filming of the film by an Italian director who came to USA. The world star of choreography Paul Domain and the break-dance collective Predatorz Crew , the winner of many prestigious awards in their field, were involved in the work on the picture. Thus, you don't have to worry about the quality of the dances in the film. The creators of the project themselves assure that "Dance with me" turned out to be very entertaining, and therefore ideal for a large screen.


Fans of documentary films can be advised by the Italian-French project The Sea on Fire , which won four prizes at the Berlin Film Festival . The film by the outstanding director Gianfranco Rosi touches upon the urgent problem of migrants today on the example of the island of Lampedusa. Also next week in our box office will open the French comedy "News from the planet Mars" about an IT specialist dreaming of space and a meditative Uzbek drama "House for Mermaids" about a 55-year-old hermit, who fell in love with a young girl full of secrets and mysteries.

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