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Are Disney Studios thinking about a sequel to Aerobatics?

Image In recent years, superhero action films have managed to become perhaps the most popular genre of cinema. According to The Hollywood News , the success of modern blockbusters about people with unique abilities may return the heroes of the action-comedy " Aerobatics " to the screens.

Mike Mitchell's original film was released in 2005. Its protagonist was the son of famous superheroes, who had to enter a special educational institution for children with unusual powers. The tape was warmly received by critics and earned $ 86.4 million at the worldwide box office on a $ 35 million budget. The comedy was also in great demand on DVD, but the management of the studio Disney did not dare to immediately send the second part into production.

It seems that after 11 years, the story of the brave defenders of humanity can still be continued. As part of the promotional campaign for his cartoon "Trolls", Mitchell admitted that he is working on the script for the sequel " Aerobatics ". At the same time, the director has not yet clarified whether his project has received approval from the bosses of Disney .


One of the main roles in the 2005 film was played by Kurt Russell, who has a long-standing partnership with the famous Hollywood studio. In the mid-60s, Kurt signed a ten-year acting contract with the Walt Disney empire, thanks to which he managed to establish himself as a rising star of the big screen. It is possible that the current leadership of the major is seriously thinking about continuing cooperation with Russell , because in recent years the actor's career has experienced a real renaissance. Now Kurt delights his fans with the game in the film "Deep Sea Horizon", and next year he will appear on the screens in such blockbusters as "Fast and Furious 8" and "Guardians of the Galaxy 2".

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