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The apple of discord. Trailer for ”Personal Shopper”

Image The new film by the renowned director and screenwriter Olivier Assayas " Personal shopper " became a kind of bone of contention at the last Cannes Film Festival . On the one hand, the viewers showed barricades, dissatisfied with the finale and the overall development of the thriller plot. On the other hand, the jury awarded the Frenchman with the Palme d'Or for directing. And this despite the fact that critics gave their hearts to the much more successful works of Jim Jarmusch and Maren Ade. However, this does not mean that the tape about a medium girl who is trying to establish contact with her dead brother is so bad.

The plot revolves around the American Maureen (Kristen Stewart), who came to Paris to make a living dressing up the starlet Kira . She hates the world of fashion and tries to break out of it, but the unloved work does not depress the girl as much as the thought of the deceased twin Lewis . Once suffering from heart failure, brother and sister agreed that the deceased would be the first to send news from the afterlife. Maureen is tormented by the ghosts of the past, she lives in constant fear for her own life, moreover, a mysterious stranger writes to her from a closed number, inciting her to commit not the most balanced actions.


Olivier skillfully escalates the situation and asks eternal philosophical questions, creating a very uncomfortable and even scary film. Kristen Stewart , in turn, almost single-handedly pulls the whole picture on her fragile shoulders. Interestingly, last year she won the prestigious French " Cesar " award for shooting in the drama "Sils Maria" of the same Assayas .

And yet, despite the fruitful and generally successful collaboration between the filmmaker and the actress, each new role proving that she is capable of more than the inhibited Bella from the vampire saga "Twilight", viewers were disappointed in " Personal shopper "and the decision of the competent jury of Cannes.

Personal shopper
USA-language trailer

Well, USA movie fans have to wait until February 2, 2017 to decide which side to take in this cinematic dispute. In the meantime, they have a chance to appreciate the " Personal Shopper " by watching the eerie, but grim-looking trailer.

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