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Does Disney have a bad feeling about Solo?

Image Despite serious behind-the-scenes problems and costly filming, Rogue One. Star Wars: Stories "managed to earn more than $ 1 billion at the worldwide box office and make the most pleasant impression on critics and viewers. It is possible that the fate of the next spin-off of the space saga will turn out much less fortunate.

Before the premiere of Solo: Star Wars. Stories ”is only five months away, and for some reason the Walt Disney empire is in no hurry to start its promotional campaign and has not yet released a single trailer for it. Screen Geek shares rumors that studio executives are seriously wary of the box office flop of their blockbuster.

As with Rogue One, the production of Han Solo's solo album was a major headache for the studio bosses. Initially, Phil Lord and Chris Miller were involved in the production of the film about the famous smuggler, who quarreled with the head of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy in the midst of filming and got fired. In June of this year, the project was handed over to Ron Howard. Initially, it was reported that the two-time Oscar winner would only complete work on several fragments of the picture. However, new messages from Disney make it clear that Howard had to re-shoot most of the Solo scenes. In this case, the film risks repeating the sad fate of the long-suffering "Justice League" of the Warner Bros. film company.


It is also rumored that the studio was unhappy with the work of Alden Ehrenreich on the image of the title character. It seems for a reason this summer there were rumors circulating on the Web that Disney executives were forced to hire an acting tutor for the main star of the blockbuster.

According to Hollywood insiders, the box office of "Solo" may well be influenced by the negative background around the eighth episode of the main film series. Critics sing the praises of The Last Jedi and have given Ryan Johnson an excellent 92% rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. At the same time, the level of audience sympathy for the film on the same portal is estimated at only 52%. In the second week at the box office, the blockbuster retained the palm in the American box office, but its gross fell by a record 67% for the franchise.


It is possible that the controversial reaction to The Last Jedi could really affect the performance of Han Solo's solo album at the box office, especially since the idea of finding a replacement for the magnificent Harrison Ford initially did not cause much enthusiasm among many fans of the saga.

The film “Solo: Star Wars. Stories ”will be released on May 24 next year.

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