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US Box Office: Pennywise Overcome by Spies

Image Before the weekend began, distributors and journalists were wondering if the newcomers to the North American box office could end IT's hegemony. In the end, Matthew Vaughn's spies managed to do this, while LEGO toys were content with only the third place in the US box office.

Kingsman: The Golden Ring ended the weekend (September 22-24) in the lead with $ 39 million in earnings. And while the industry was hoping for more than $ 40 million, this is a great achievement, as the sequel, albeit only slightly, managed to bypass first part. This is due, first of all, to the fact that now the Kingsman brand is known to film fans, whereas a few years ago only a small part of the audience knew about the comics of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons.

Cinema-goers rated the Golden Ring with an average B + rating. The first tape deserved the same assessment, only the critics reacted to it more favorably than to the continuation. When The Secret Service first hit the screens, it seemed like a breath of fresh air in the world of blockbusters. According to reviewers, the second part uses a proven formula for success - the same hyper-stylized action, a lot of cool special effects, a sea of violence and ultra-vulgarity. Director Matthew Vaughn has re-used what once brought him success. Large-scale action scenes do not let the viewer get bored for more than two hours, but after leaving the cinema, he will quickly forget what he saw.


However, the opinion of critics does not always correspond to the reaction of the mass audience. The Golden Ring was appreciated not only by Americans, but also by residents of other countries. They added $ 61.2 million to the blockbuster, and now has a little over $ 100 million. If this continues, the film will again bring profit to 20th Century Fox.

Even though the horror film "It" has lost the palm, it has updated one more record. The past weekend brought Andres Muschetti's project an additional $ 30 million, making it the highest grossing R-rated horror movie in the history of the American box office. The tape now has $ 266.3 million and surpassed The Exorcist by more than $ 30 million at $ 232.9 million (not adjusted for inflation). If you look at the results of "It" in the world box office, then the film adaptation of one of the most famous novels by Stephen King grossed $ 478 million in total (with a budget of $ 35 million).


The LEGO Ninjago Movie has earned the title of Loser of the Week. Several years ago, Lego. Film "created a real sensation, and therefore the expectations placed on each part of the franchise are very high. Distributors believed the series' spin-off would net them over $ 30 million, Warner Bros. were a little more modest - $ 27-32 million. However, the cartoon started at the box office even weaker: in the first weekend it managed to master only $ 21.2 million. Compared to the results of the rest of the franchise, this start seems completely disastrous, because “Lego. Film ”opened in theaters with $ 69.1 million, and the Batman spin-off - with $ 53 million.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu already exists on small screens, which currently has seven seasons. In order for viewers to decide to go to the theaters and watch the same characters, but in a different interpretation, a cartoon from the LEGO Cinematic Universe must offer them something special. In fact, "LEGO Ninjago Movie" painfully resembles the rest of the franchise. Yes, the combination of humor and kung fu looks organic on big screens. The cartoon turned out no worse and no better than similar creations for children, but up to the level of the first "Lego. Film "the next spin-off falls short.


In fourth place is the thriller "The Mercenary", which added $ 6.3 million to its piggy bank. The film managed to collect $ 26.2 million at home in two weeks, and has not yet recaptured even the $ 33 million production budget. Perhaps, if the atmosphere were a little less tense, the picture would only benefit from this, and so the audience has to be content with action with a lot of violence and a cliche plot.


Fifth place was taken by the romantic comedy "Visiting Alice", which earned another $ 3.3 million. Gathering $ 22.3 million with a budget of $ 12 million is not a bad achievement, but director Holly Meyers-Shyer lacks experience, which is why her debut in full meter lacked either romance or humor.

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