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Holmes and Watson will have fun

Image In modern cinema, there are not so many well-coordinated and successful comedy duos that can not only make the viewer laugh, but also make a film with their participation profitable. One such example is the union of Will Ferrell and John C. Riley , who have chosen a new joint project.

According to the site Deadline , the actors will play the leading roles in the film Holmes and Watson ( "Holmes and Watson" ), which is being prepared by Sony . Details of the plot have not yet been disclosed, but the major plans to shoot a comedy with a rating of PG-13 , and its central characters will be the legendary detective and his irreplaceable assistant doctor. The director's chair for the project is given to Ethan Cohen, who has already worked with Ferrell on the film "Be Strong!".

Ferrell will play Sherlock Holmes in the new film, and Riley will try on the image of John Watson . The film has been in development for some time, and initially the same Ferrell and Sasha Baron Cohen claimed the main roles in it. Now Sony studio is considering the project as one of the priorities and plans to start filming this fall.


Ten years ago, Ferrell and Riley played together in the comedy Ricky Bobby: King of the Road, which showed good results at the worldwide box office ( $ 163 million ) and the audience liked it. And in 2008, the acting duo under the direction of Adam McKay starred in the film "Step Brothers", which earned $ 128.1 million . And this is not a complete list of joint works of sparkling actors.

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