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Results of the 73rd Venice Film Festival

Image The Venice Film Festival , held annually in Italy, has ended. This year one of the main cinema events in Europe and the whole world took place from August 31 to September 10. The head of the main competition jury was Sam Mendes, an English filmmaker, an Oscar winner for his debut American Beauty, and director of the final part of the James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig.

The 73rd festival opened with the painting "La La Land" by Damien Chazelle ("Obsession"). Many critics called it a revival of musicals, and audiences should be interested in at least the leading actors: Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.


As if confirming the opinion that the films of the Venice Film Festival are more audience than the program of the Cannes Film Festival , the closing tape this year was a remake of the Western "The Magnificent Seven", directed by Antoine Fuqua. He did not participate in the competition program, and it will be released in domestic distribution on September 22.

20 films were presented in the main competition, and the jury distributed the main awards this year as follows:

" The Golden Lion " went to Filipino Love Diaz for the painting " The Woman Who Gone ". A regular guest of international festivals, Diaz is known for his record-breaking film times. And “ The Woman Who Gone ”, nearly four hours long, is his shortest full-length film. For comparison, the “Lullaby for the Mournful Mystery”, which he brought at the Berlinale in winter, lasted eight hours.


Silver Lion ” this year took two filmmakers - Amat Escalante for “ Wilderness ” and Andrei Konchalovsky for “Paradise”. This is the second Venetian award for the famous USA filmmaker - two years ago he received the " Silver Lion " as the director of the film "White Nights of the Postman Alexei Tryapitsyn.


The Grand Prix of the festival went to Tom Ford for the family thriller "Under Cover of the Night", in which Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams played the roles of the couple. Adams also starred in Denis Villeneuve's Arrival and was one of the nominees for the Best Actress award.


Volpi Cups for the best female and male roles were given to Oscar Martinez (“ Free Citizen ”) and Emma Stone ( " La La Land "). Martinez portrayed the popular Argentine writer in the satirical film by Gaston Duprat and Mariano Cohn, and Stone played a starlet who fell in love with a popular jazzman.


An Iranian American Ana Lili Amirpour was awarded a special jury prize for her film "Bad Batch". Anu is sometimes called the female version of Tarantino for her special creative approach to shooting pictures: firstly, there are a lot of violent scenes in them, and, secondly, her first project ("A girl returns home alone at night") was dedicated to vampires in a fictional Iranian city. " Bad Party " is about a group of cannibals living in a post-apocalyptic world.

Best Screenplay, Golden Donkey , went to Noah Oppenheim for Jackie, which tells the story of Jacqueline Kennedy's life in the days following her husband's murder. The role of the widow of John F. Kennedy was played by Natalie Portman, who also claimed the Best Actress award.

And the last of the main awards of the festival, the Marcello Mastroianni Prize (awarded to the best young actor or actress), went to Paula Bier for her role as a German girl who lost her lover on the fronts of the First World War. The actress has embodied this image in the film Francois Ozon "Franz".


Although Venice is getting closer and closer to the ordinary viewer every year, and the luminaries of auteur films Terrence Malik and Emir Kusturica who participated in the competition were left without awards, we can say that the presentation of the " Golden Lion " to the Filipinos Diazu reconciles the mainstream and the arthouse.

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Author: Jake Pinkman