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New adventures of Italians in USA

Image The remake fever that gripped the Western film bosses did not pass by the USA filmmakers either. The not very successful Office Romance. Our time ”,“ The irony of fate. Continuation "," Gentlemen, good luck! "," Man from Boulevard des Capucines "," Prisoner of the Caucasus! " and other films that are a continuation or reboot of the masterpieces of Soviet cinema that have long become classics and dearly loved by the audience. This time the filmmakers decided to tackle the comedy " The Incredible Adventures of Italians in USA ".

The film of joint Soviet-Italian production was released in 1973. The filming was headed by directors Eldar Ryazanov and Franco Prosperi. The main roles were played by such stars of our cinema as Andrei Mironov, Evgeny Evstigneev, Olga Aroseva, and they were accompanied by Italian colleagues Antonia Santilli, Ninetto Davoli, Alighiero Noskese and Tano Cimarosa.

According to the plot,a USA emigrant dies in one of the Roman hospitals. On her deathbed, she manages to tell her granddaughter Olga about a huge fortune hidden "under the lion" in Leningrad. A doctor, an Italian mafioso, two orderlies, an ordinary citizen and the granddaughter herself go to the USSR to find treasures. In Moscow, they are joined by a guide, with whom the heroes begin their search, methodically digging underneath every lion they manage to find in the city on the Neva.


Work on the sequel began this year and was timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the death of Andrei Alexandrovich Mironov , who died on August 16, 1987. Filming of the story about the new adventures of Italians in USA is scheduled to start in the summer of 2018. The main acting characters, according to the producer of the film Oleg Boss , will be the children of the main characters of the original film.

The creators of the tape promise to shoot an adventure comedy filled with humor, stunts and special effects. Rome, Moscow and St. Petersburg were selected as sites. As for the leading actors, information about them is still kept secret, but it is planned that they will be leading USA actors.

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