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Mark Wahlberg will become secret agents

Image In addition to the fact that Hollywood was covered with a wave of remakes for American tapes, the US movie bosses continue to draw inspiration for new projects from the works of foreign directors. According to the portal The Tracking Board , the Israeli drama " Bethlehem " has come to the attention of the studio Paramount , and the major is already preparing a remake of this film directed by Yuval Adler .

Mark Wahlberg will play the lead role in the film, he will also be involved in producing the project with Stephen Levinson ("The Gambler"). The director and screenwriter for the future film has not yet been found.

The original tells the story of the uneasy relationship between an Israeli Secret Service officer and his young Palestinian informant. When the latter learns that his employers are planning to kill his radical brother, he has to make a difficult moral choice.


In late September, Mark Wahlberg can be seen in the drama Deep Sea Horizon, while the actor is busy filming the fifth Transformers, where he will again play Cade Yeager .

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Author: Jake Pinkman