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Chadwick and Mackie will stop police brutality

Image The American Crime Story, released in February this year, was critically acclaimed and attracted millions of viewers. The story of football player O. Jay Simpson, accused of double murder, introduced young Americans to the details of that trial, and gave their parents the opportunity to relive the events of twenty years ago.

About one of the main participants in that process, the defender of Simpson Johnny Cochran , they were going to shoot a film in Hollywood. The latest news from Dream Factory makes it clear that the interest of producers in the biopic about the lawyer continues unabated. According to Deadline , the film has a director. It will be performed by British filmmaker Justin Chadwick . Anthony Mackie should play the main role in his film.

The Simpson Affair , the culmination of Cochran's career, is not expected to be featured in the film. Its narrative will revolve around the first high-profile trial of a lawyer who glorified the latter as a fighter against unjustified police brutality. In the center of the plot of the tape will be the case of the African-American football player Ron Settles , who died as a result of illegal actions of law enforcement officers.


In 1981, in the small California town of Signal Hill, a young man was arrested for speeding, and the next morning he was found hanged in his cell. The police interpreted the incident as a suicide, but at the insistence of Johnny , who disagreed with this version, an autopsy was carried out, which showed that the death occurred as a result of violent strangulation ... No one was criminally responsible for that tragic death, but the family Rona has received substantial compensation from the city government, and the entire police department has undergone a reformation.


Interestingly, three of the four films made by Chadwick are biographical dramas. The British filmmaker has already managed to tell the stories of Queen Anne Boleyn of England, Kenyan farmer Kimani Maruge and South African President Nelson Mandela. His new film Tulip Fever will hit the world's cinemas in July.

Anthony Mackie was recently featured in the Captain America franchise triquel, and in November, the actor will return to his character from the Marvel universe for filming in a new parts of the Avengers.

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Author: Jake Pinkman