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Casting: Generous Bonham Carter and Desperate Edgerton

Image As it became known to the information portal Variety , Helena Bonham Carter will play the main role in the mini-series Saint Mazie ( “Saint Mazie” *), based on the novel by Jamie Attenberg.

The source will be adapted by Clara Brennan , and Bonham Carter will be producing the project in collaboration with Fable Pictures and Palantir Group .

The actress will play Maisie Gordon-Phillips - a real woman who was first written about in The New Yorker in 1940. Maisie sold tickets at a theater in the Bowery area, and wandered the streets of New York at night, handing out soap and change to the homeless, and giving the homeless a drink from her own jar. Thanks to her generosity and generosity, Maisie has become a local legend. She loved the streets and the people living on them, and even in the mud she could see beauty.


The cast of the film " Death Note ", a film adaptation of the manga of the same name, has been replenished with Keith Stanfield ("Voice of the Streets"). The main role in the film is given to Nat Wolff, and the director's chair will be taken by Adam Wingard ("Z / L / O"). Margaret Qualley will also take part in the filming.

The speech in the tape will be about a student ( Wolf ), in whose hands a notebook with enormous power falls. If you write someone's name on its pages, that person dies. The main character decides to use the find to rid the world of criminals, but an intelligent detective, realizing that all these deaths are not accidental, stands in his way.Whom Stanfield will play in the future film adaptation has not yet been announced.


Joel Edgerton ("The Gift") is in talks to take the lead role in the thriller It Comes at Night ( It Comes at Night *). The project is scripted by Trey Schultz ("Krisha"), he will also lead the filming of the tape. If all goes well, Edgerton will play a desperate father who is ready to do anything to protect his wife and son from a mysterious evil creature that threatens the family.

* -preliminary translation.

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