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Craig is returning to Her Majesty's Secret Service?

Image It seems that the rather drawn-out saga with the search for a director and a leading actor in the 25th Bond movie is finally drawing to a close. It seems that until recently Daniel Craig was ready to slit his veins at the mere mention of the name of Agent 007 , but the producer of the film series Barbara Broccoli persistently tried to convince the Briton to return to the image of a lover of beautiful women , expensive cars and martinis with vodka. In recent weeks, rumors began to circulate in Hollywood that the actor had nevertheless changed his anger to mercy, but neither he himself nor the producers of the franchise were in a hurry to announce the new contract to the world.

Talk that Craig and Broccoli had already closed the deal flared up in the midst of the Television Critics Association summer press tour. According to / Film , the president of the Showtime channel David Nevins added fuel to the fire. Last February, it was announced that Craig will co-star in the television adaptation of Jonathan Franzen's novel Purity. The rights to the project went to the cable network Showtime , but its management unexpectedly announced that the start of filming for the series would be postponed indefinitely. During a meeting with the press, Nevins stated that the channel had postponed work on Purity so that Craig could return to the image<

It is worth noting that Craig himself and the Bond film producers are still Olympic calm and do not react in any way to the words of the head of Showtime . Rumors have already begun to spread on the Web that a new agreement with the actor could be calculated for two tapes at once. Rumor has it that the final film of the franchise with the participation of Daniel will be a remake of the movie " On Her Majesty's Secret Service ". The original tape was released in 1969. Initially, she received controversial press reviews, but over the years, the attitude of many critics towards her has changed for the better.


The return of Craig to the role of British superspy will almost certainly close the door to Christopher Nolan's franchise. The director recently admitted that he would be happy to make a film about Bond , but only if it was about rebooting the film series. If the new contract of Daniel is really meant for two films, viewers will have to postpone the dream of seeing Nolan at the helm of the Bond film until at least the 27th part of the spy franchise. Currently, Denis Villeneuve, Ian Demange and David Mackenzie are considered the main contenders for the directorial chair of " Bond 25 .


The world premiere of the new film about the adventures of Agent 007 is scheduled for November 8, 2019 .

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