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Friendly neighbor. Review of the new ”Spider-Man”

Image Hollywood is a big fan of remakes. Everyone knows about this, and every self-respecting viewer from time to time demonstrates his indignation about this. But in the case of Spider-Man , it seems that the limit of concentration of one superhero played by different actors has been reached. And for some 15 years. It would seem that Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire fully disclosed the topic. However, a couple of films with Andrew Garfield turned out to be surprisingly good - more dark and harsh. Is there room for another statement - with Tom Holland in the lead role? It turned out that there was left.

Peter Parker returned home after helping Iron Man in the battle against Captain America . He goes to school day after day and can't wait to hear from Tony Stark . Waiting for his strength and skills to be required again. In the meantime, Spider-Man is having fun: he stops the bike kidnapper, helps an elderly woman find the right address and jumps across the rooftops. One day he notices four intruders who decided to rob ATMs. Trying to stop them, Peter discovers that the criminals' weapons are clearly unearthly in origin. Wanting to prove his worth to Stark and the others, he starts his own investigation ...

The film Spider-Man: Homecoming was directed by John Watts, who had previously delighted with the strong festival work "Police Car". The red and blue leotard was again tried on by Tom Holland , who first tried his hand at this role when he pulled off the shield of Captain America . The antagonist is portrayed by Michael Keaton (Birdman). Robert Downey Jr., Jon Favreau and Chris Evans returned to the roles of Tony Stark, Happy Hogan and Steve Rogers , respectively.


Considering the number of spidermen per square meter, John Watts , before filming began, clearly defined the framework in which he would work. In order not to enter the territory of Maguire or Garfield under any circumstances. Admittedly, he perfectly fit into this framework - he never got out of them throughout the entire story. His Spider-Man doesn't walk half the time with a sad face and doesn't look down on problems. His hero is a teenager. A teenager, on whom the gift fell, but at the same time he has nowhere to use this very gift in full force. And if you have nowhere to apply, you can have plenty of fun and hooliganism. And at the same time entertain the viewer. Moreover, it is no coincidence that the filmmakers avoided the word "remake". They really did make a film adaptation of the comic.
When it comes to frames, it's always a test of a director's talent. If there are no prohibitions and boundaries, a director, especially an inexperienced one, tries to grasp the immensity, to speak out on a number of issues at once. The result is something awkward and superficial like the second part of Mortal Kombat. When the director not only understands the framework, but also places the accents correctly, it turns out Spider-Man: Homecoming . And he does not even shake the "teenage" rating.

With hooliganism and mischief in the new tape, complete order. Watts decided to show the protagonist not pretentiously, but with a significant amount of healthy banter. Shane Black did something similar in the third part of "Iron Man". And Watts brought his idea to life just fine. As it turned out, the hero who fought Captain America and Ant-Man can get lost when talking with a girl. Anyone who is accustomed to moving in a metropolis at great speed using a spider web will be discouraged to find himself in a forest with low trees. There are many references in the film to the famous fan jokes from the series "What if the web is too short or, conversely, too long?" Watts humorous on this topic, not forgetting about the rule,

It is impossible not to note the respectful attitude of the director to the viewer. It is clear that the representatives of the younger generation will first of all gather for the film. However, the director also remembers their parents, who, most likely, saw previous films (besides, they saw them not so long ago), and they shouldn't be bored either. You cannot enter the same water twice. You can't shoot twice (let alone three times) about the same character in the same vein. John Watts clearly understood what had already been done and what had to be done. Therefore, he does not repeat the previous tapes, but tries to make the new picture fun and charming.

Separately about the heroes. Tom Holland has a great fit into the role of the new Peter Parker - a teenager. Robert Downey Jr. thanks to the image of Tony Stark and so is known all over the world. But the villain Vulture performed by Michael Keaton is worth dwelling on. The authors have created a very solid character with a well-defined arch. He has no cliched plans for world takeover or revenge. He does not have an absolute feeling of revenge and anger for the whole world. He just survives and takes care of his family. Albeit in a not entirely honest way. In a word, the villain turned out to be very humane and arousing a share of empathy. This unconventional approach is definitely captivating.


Of course, not everything in the new tape is perfect, and if you wish, you can find inconsistencies, some far-fetched, and so on. However, thanks to the general impression after viewing, there is no desire to wash the bones of the authors. Rather, the confidence that this film can be reviewed.

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Author: Jake Pinkman