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Universal to reveal the death of ”Wilhelm Gustloff”

Image Recently, there has been a renewed wave of interest in World War II films in Hollywood. Just this month, tapes about the siege of the Belgian city of Bastogne and the naval battle near Midway Atoll went into work. As it became known to the edition Variety , the studio Universal is also preparing its project about the bloodiest war in the history of mankind. The management of the Hollywood film company intends to transfer the heroes of the book Ruta Shepetis Salt to the Sea to the big screen.

The Lithuanian American writer took a bold step and created a mix of a teenage novel and historical prose. The protagonists of her work are a Lithuanian nurse, a young Prussian thief, a 15-year-old pregnant Polish woman and a young Nazi who found themselves on board the German cruise ship Wilhelm Gustloff.

At the beginning of 1939, a luxurious ten-deck ship was handed over to the command of the German naval forces, which decided to convert it into a floating hospital. At the end of World War II, "Wilhelm Gustloff" was involved in the operation to evacuate the population from East Prussia. In January 1945, the liner took on board several thousand refugees and wounded. Contrary to all the laws of wartime, the ship did not have the identification marks of hospital ships, transported servicemen and members of the Gestapo, was well armed and went accompanied by warships.


On January 30, the "Wilhelm Gustloff" was attacked by the Soviet submarine S-13, firing three torpedoes in its direction. The death of the German liner is still considered one of the largest maritime disasters in history. According to modern data, the tragedy in the Baltic Sea claimed the lives of more than 9 thousand people.

Shepetis will be adapted for the big screen by Scott Neistadter and Michael H. Weber (500 Days of Summer, The Fault in Our Stars), and the producers functions will be taken over by Lorenzo di Bonaventura , whose track record includes the film comic strip "Constantine: Lord of Darkness", the disaster film "Deep Sea Horizon" and the Transformers franchise.

The Topic of Article: Universal to reveal the death of ”Wilhelm Gustloff”.
Author: Jake Pinkman