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Edgar Wright is ready to drive again

Image Although the film " Baby on a Drive " only spent one week at the world box office, the management of the film companies Sony and TriStar Pictures have already thought about the prospects of creating a sequel ... This information was shared with the journalists of Empire by the director of the crime action comedy Edgar Wright .

The studio bosses have already asked me to think about writing a script for the second part, - the director admitted. -Baby on a Drive ” is one of the few projects of mine that you can actually film a sequel to. I see that the characters in this film have the potential for further development. ”

At the moment, there is about $ 46 million in the piggy bank of the tape about a dashing driver-music lover who helps criminals escape from police prosecution. Taking into account that the production budget of " Baby on a Drive " amounted to a modest at the present time $ 34 million , the issue of reaching the level of self-sufficiency of the film can be resolved in the very near future.


Despite the fact that in the filmography of Wright you can find the so-called " Cornetto's Trilogy of Three Tastes ", he has never before had the opportunity to direct direct sequels of his films. The desire of the management of Sony and TriStar Pictures to create an entire franchise based on “ Baby on a Drive ” is quite understandable: in addition to success in the box office, the action comedy demonstrates fantastic 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes review aggregator.


To the disappointment of domestic fans of Wright's creativity, “ Baby on a Drive ” will only crawl to the screens of USA cinemas on August 24 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman