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”Enemy of the State” will move to TV

Image Seeing how successful television adaptations of cult films can be, producers increasingly decide to transfer the heroes of famous films to small screens. According to the site Variety , famous producer Jerry Bruckheimer will also contribute to the development of this trend.

The source reports that together with the channel ABC Bruckheimer he will begin work on a pilot episode of the series, which will be a sequel to the action movie " Enemy of the State ". Bruckheimer , by the way, was the producer of the original, but Will Smith, who played the main role in the film by Tony Scott, is not involved in the work on the new project. At one time, the tape became a hit in the box office, grossing at the box office $ 250.6 million .

The television adaptation is scripted by Morgan Davis Fel (Cyber).The show will take place 20 years after the events of Enemy of the State . When an elusive NSA spy is accused of leaking classified information, an idealistic woman lawyer has to join forces with an aggressive FBI agent. Together, they must uncover a conspiracy that threatens to shed light on the dark secrets and personal secrets of each of the main characters.


The production of the series, with Bruckheimer and Fehl , will be shared by Jonathan Litman and Christian Reed ("Lucifer" / Lucifer ).

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Author: Jake Pinkman