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All the money in the world didn't save Kevin Spacey

Image The situation in Hollywood is heating up every day: it all started with accusations of sexual harassment against the famous producer Harvey Weinstein, and then more and more names of those who are suspected of at least indecent behavior towards colleagues began to appear in the press. Two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey became one of such persons. And if the online service Netflix, which has been fruitfully cooperating with the actor for several years, hastened to sever all ties with him, then the Sony Pictures studio faced a difficult choice.

The fact is that Spacey played one of the main roles in the drama "All the Money in the World", on which the Sony bosses had high hopes. There were rumors that the major was going to postpone the premiere of the tape until next year, which would automatically exclude it from the Oscar nominees. What can we say, if Spacey himself was expected to be nominated for the main film award for the role of oil tycoon Jean Paul Getty. However, according to Deadline, the studio has found a more suitable option: all scenes with Spacey will be cut, and Christopher Plummer ("A Beautiful Mind") will appear in the image of the billionaire.

Director Ridley Scott quickly prepared "All the Money in the World" for release, because his previous project was released only in May. This is to some extent due to the fact that Sony wanted to get ahead of Danny Boyle, who is preparing a series about the abduction of Getty's grandson for FX, and it should premiere in January. The decision to remove Spacey from the film was proposed by Scott himself, supported by the producers, Sony executives, and Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg. Moreover, it was Christopher Plummer who was Scott's main candidate for the role of Getty, but the studio insisted on inviting a more eminent actor.


All the Money in the World will premiere in the US on December 22, as planned. It is reported that Kevin Spacey spent about two weeks on the set, which means that the number of scenes with his participation is not that great. However, Scott and his team will have to meet a tight deadline: they have a little more than a month left for reshoots and subsequent editing, which is not enough even by the standards of Ridley, who works quite quickly.

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Author: Jake Pinkman