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The Last Shooter managed to revive the USAn box office

Image Last weekend, the USA film distribution finally managed to stir up a little. If last week the total receipts amounted to only a little more than 370 million rubles. , then this week viewers, although not massively, began to return to cinemas, bringing to the box office about 466 million rubles.

The first place in the financial rating, as expected, topped the novelty of this week, screen adaptation of the cycle of novels of the cult writer Stephen King "The Dark Tower" . A fantastic film by Danish director Nikolai Arsel about an 11-year-old boy Jake who got into the Middle World, where The Man in Black wants to destroy the center of the universe, plunging the world into chaos and darkness, and the last The shooter Roland Descain is trying to prevent him from doing this, earned 266 million rubles during the premiere weekend. Among the releases of Sony , this is the third result this year. Better started only "Spider-Man: Homecoming", which collected in the first weekend 470 million rubles. , and Fyodor Bondarchuk's "Attraction" with a result of 408 million rubles. <

Despite the fact that fans of King's creativity have been waiting for the long-suffering project to appear on the screens for many years, their hopes have not been justified. It was clear that the film could not be an adaptation of all eight books of the cycle, but in the end it turned out that the creators simply took a few heroes and the world described by the author and told their own story. It turned out to be more like an ordinary teenage fairy tale, devoid of intrigue, drama and sagging in between rare action scenes.

But still, among the latest films based on the works of the king of horrors, The Dark Tower has a very good starting result. In 2016, the horror film "Mobile" with John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson failed to arouse the interest of either critics or viewers, collecting a total of about 9 million rubles. Telekinesis four years ago for the premiere weekend brought the creators 158 million rubles. The film "Mist" about a supernatural fog inhabited by monsters and cut people off from the outside world, in 2007 managed to lure about 25 million rubles from viewers. for the first weekend. But the horror movie "1408", all with the same Cusack and Jackson ten years ago, over the premiere weekend, scared the audience in the amount of 34 million rubles.


The leader of last week, the spy thriller " Explosive Blonde " with Charlize Theron in the title role, has dropped to second place. An agent of British intelligence, scattering opponents right and left in troubled Berlin during the Cold War, managed to receive from viewers 33 million rubles over the second weekend, which is almost three times less than last week. The total box office of the first independent film of the former stuntman and stunt director David Leitch is currently 166 million rubles. This spring, the proceeds of the premiere weekend of the sequel to the crime action movie about the assassin John Wick amounted to 161 million rubles. In total, the film has collected in the USA box office 358 million rubles. , so the dangerous blonde performed by Theron it will hardly be possible to achieve the same results.


In third place with a result of 31 million rubles. was the animation film “ Become a Legend! Bigfoot Junior ". A week ago, the picture started from the fourth line of distribution, but it managed to overtake both the fantastic action movie "Planet of the Apes: War", which held out in the top five for three weeks, and the last picture by Christopher Nolan. The cartoon, co-produced by France and Belgium, attracted the audience with good humor, funny talking animals and an adorable main character, a shaggy teenager named Adam , who went in search of his father. For two weeks of rental, the tape has already earned 93 million rubles. , which is a very good result for an independent animation film. For example,

The long-liver of the rating " Despicable Me 3 ", who took the fifth place last week, moved up to the fourth line. The studio's animation hit Illumination has been at the top for the sixth week in a row. The first weekend of August brought Gru and his friends 28 million rubles , bringing the total box office of the cartoon to the amount of 1.48 billion rubles have long surpassed the results of the previous cartoon, which collected 1.16 billion rubles in 11 weeks of rental. A little bit more and Despicable Me 3 will be able to press the "Boss-Baby" ( 1.53 billion rubles. ), which ranks fourth in the ranking of the highest grossing releases of this year.


The war drama Christopher NolanDunkirk ” closes the top five of the leaders of the rental, which has dropped from the second place. The third weekend brought 21 million rubles. the story of the miraculous rescue of three hundred thousand soldiers blocked by German troops on the beach near the city of Dunkirk. In total, at the moment, viewers have brought to the piggy bank a picture 304 million rubles.

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