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Nobel's Incredible Adventures in USA

Image Over the past few years, Cross Creek Pictures has contributed to such interesting biographical films as Race, Legend and Black Mass. According to The Hollywood Reporter , a project about the life of the oil magnate Emmanuel Nobel is now maturing within its walls.

The studio decided to take into development the tape " The Great Game " * ( The Great Game ), the script for which belongs to Brian McMullin. The American began his career in Hollywood as an actor, but then decided to try his hand at screenwriting. To date, his texts have twice been included in the famous Black List of the best unrealized Hollywood ideas.

The plot of " The Big Game " will focus on the nephew of Alfred Nobel, who gained worldwide fame as the leader of the Nobel Brothers Oil Production Partnership . This large oil company conducted the main extraction of "black gold" in Baku.


Emmanuel was forced to take the helm of the oil empire after the death of his father. Under his leadership, business began to flourish, which helped the USA Empire to take a leading position in world oil production. In 1889, Nobel even received USA citizenship, but after the 1917 revolution he had to leave our country, as all his enterprises were nationalized.

It is expected that the passionate romance of Nobel with the enigmatic ballerina will play an important role in the plot of the film. It is possible that the scenario will also touch upon the problem of geopolitical rivalry between Britain and USA: the term " Great Game " is usually used to refer to the confrontation of these empires at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.


The director's chair of the film will be taken by Gary Shore , who made his debut in the full-length movie with the fantasy film Dracula. Cross Creek has decided to give production to Brian Oliver (Black Swan) and Jason Seagraves (Conscience). Reportedly, work on the biopic of Emanuel Nobel will take place with the full support of the heirs of the famous surname.

* - preliminary translation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman