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Friends in Misfortune

Image The success of the spy thriller Kingsman: The Secret Service and the film comic book Deadpool have made it clear to the leadership of the studio 20th Century Fox that projects with an adult rating can be extremely successful financially. As reported by The Tracking Board , the Hollywood film company is launching a new film with an age limit of "17 and older", which will be called Operation Prince Of Freedom .

In the center of the narrative will be a detachment of American Marines, who were tasked with accompanying a politically incorrect celebrity on a trip to Afghanistan. Things take an unexpected turn when the convoy is attacked by Islamic radicals. At the same moment, alien beetles decide to attack the Earth, forcing the Marines and Taliban to bury the hatchet and join forces in the fight against uninvited guests ...

The authorship of the plot of the absurd comedy belongs to Michael Kwamma and Jordan Dunn, who are just beginning to take their first steps in the world of big cinema. Last year, their text was included in the prestigious list of the best unrealized projects in Hollywood - The Hit List . This script will be brought to life by Jake Zimansky , who already has experience in making comedies rated R . This summer, his film "Wedding Frenzy" did not gain much success with critics, but successfully recouped its production costs.


The production company for Operation Prince Of Freedom will include Oscar-winning film maker Adam McKay (The Selling Game) and acclaimed comedian Will Ferrell.

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Author: Jake Pinkman