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Image As the site Variety managed to find out, another comic superhero will go to the big screens - the companies Roddenberry Entertainment and Sleeping Giant Films have taken up the adaptation of the graphic novel Worth .

Published by Arcana Studios , the comic tells the story of Grant Worth - a man who became a legend in Detroit thanks to his ability to control various machines and mechanisms. The world is the engine for him, and Grant knows perfectly well how he works. However, everything changes, society progresses, and one day a person who knows how to talk to machines begins to feel unnecessary. Technology has taken on a new level, and now Grant is a conservative, barely able to cope with modern life. But perhaps even a seemingly useless person is capable of being a superhero? ..

According to Trevor Roth from Roddenberry Entertainment , who is also one of the producers of the project, graphic novels that have successfully moved to the big screens are distinguished by characters that are attractive to the viewer and a strong plot component, which is also inherent in the comic book Worth .


The script for the new film has been entrusted to David Mahmoudi , who has so far worked on several short films and TV series.

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Author: Jake Pinkman