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Gosling will fly to the moon

Image The cooperation of Ryan Gosling with director Damien Chazelle has already paid off - the actor claims to be Golden Globe for the musical "La La Land", and the film itself has earned a total of seven nominations for the prize. According to the news site The Hollywood Reporter , Gosling and Chazelle are not going to stop there - they will work together on Neil Armstrong's biopic.

The first information that Ryan could play the legendary astronaut appeared in November last year, but only now the actor has officially signed up to take part in the filming.

The painting, called First Man ( "First Man" *), will not be a biopic in the traditional sense. According to Chazelle , who will lead the filming, the film will focus on just eight years in the life of Armstrong , from 1961 to 1969, - from the moment he joined NASA. and before the flight to the moon. The goal of the project is to tell about the sacrifices made by the astronaut and the entire American nation, and the price they paid for one of the most dangerous missions in human history.


The script for the upcoming film, based on the book by James R. Hansen, is being written by Josh Singer, winner of the Oscar award for the drama In the Spotlight. Filming of the biopic is due to start next year.

* -preliminary translation.

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