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Casting: Lara Croft's villain and friendly witch

Image Back in April, it was reported that Alicia Vikander was given the lead role in the new film about Lara Croft . According to the portal Variety , now the creators of the project have found an antagonist for the title character - negotiations with the studios Warner Bros. and MGM are being conducted by actor Walton Goggins .

The reboot director's chair was given to the Norwegian director Roar Uthaug ("The Wave"). Geneva Robertson is working on the script for the tape, but the details of the plot are still kept secret, and therefore there is no information about the hero of Goggins . It is only known that the actor claims to be the main villain.

The premiere of the new Lara Croft is set for March 15, 2018 .

Among the last works of Goggins in the cinema are the crime drama The Hateful Eight and the action movie The Devil, and early next year the actor can be seen in the TV series The Sixth Squad ( Six ). This news is certainly especially pleasing to fans of the popular show "Sons of Anarchy" ( Sons of Anarchy ), because there Walton played, albeit an episodic, but a bright role of the gorgeous Venus Van Dam .


The star of the new "Ghostbusters" Kate McKinnon has taken the lead role in the film The Lunch Witch , which is directed by Clay Katis ("Angry Birds in the Movie").

The film, based on the book by Deb Luc, tells the story of Grunhild - the last representative of the powerful witch family known for her spells. However, in a world where no one believes in magic anymore, Grunhilde has to work in the school cafeteria. The main character likes to scare children, but one day she meets a modest girl, and a friendship is struck between them. The witch's new acquaintance Madison needs help, but the problem is that helping someone is not at all in the rules of Grunhilda and her family ...


Condole Rashad (Billions / Billions ) will accompany Chiwetel Ejiofor on the set of the religious drama Come Sunday from Netflix . The director of the project is Joshua Marston ("Running from Reality"), and the film will focus on Carlton Pearson - a famous evangelist from Oklahoma. Once he caused a real resonance among his parishioners, declaring that hell does not exist. After that, Pearson took a long time to restore his own reputation. Rashad will play Pearson's wife Gina .

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