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Not pathetic bugs and hostage Clooney: watch this week

Image The onset of the calendar summer will be marked in our cinemas by the return of brave reptiles from the city sewers. Despite the fact that the 2014 film was greeted by the audience rather cool and even received a nomination for Golden Raspberry, Studio Paramount still gave the go-ahead for the sequel and now hopes, if not for the favor of critics, then at least for the profit from the project. Given the fact that last week's main release, the adaptation of the game Warcraft, continues to receive negative reviews, our viewer may well turn their attention to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 .

Recall that not only a new director was invited to the sequel team. The blockbuster cast has been expanded with three Oscars Laura Linney and Arrow star Steven Amell. In addition, new characters have been added in the face of the famous enemies of the turtles - Rocksteady and Bebop .

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
Duplicate Trailer

The trailer for this fantastic action movie is 90% action-packed, plays on the nostalgic feelings of the audience with might and main, but gives almost no idea whether the writers tried to make the plot at least somewhat original. However, distributors can be sure that movie fans will hear the call of nostalgia, and for the sake of the beautiful Megan Fox, the male sex will turn a blind eye to any plot flaws, so the new "Turtles" will have their pretty penny in our box office anyway otherwise they will work.

Dubbed trailer

If you are not at all attracted by the prospect of contemplating fights, chases and the perfect face of Megan for almost two hours, pay attention to another curious premiere of the week - the crime thriller Jodie Foster The Financial Monster . The main roles in the film are played by George Clooney and Julia Roberts, and if you love these talented versatile actors, you basically don't need to know anything more about "Financial Monster" . Although his plot is quite original: the financial guru of Wall Street, who hosts his own show about money, takes hostage (live!) One of the viewers, who went bankrupt because of the advice of a self-confident know-it-all.

ImageNote that for the acting and script of “Financial Monster » Western critics predictably did not have any complaints, but either the effect of high expectations worked, or the picture is really not as good as the actors in it, but most of the reviews point to a lack of integrity and any zest. Simply put, there is nothing to complain about, but somehow it did not catch on.

From mid-May to June 2 the release of the thriller "The Curse of the Sleeping Beauty" , which we wrote about earlier, has moved. It is unlikely that the transfer will significantly affect the increase in the tape's collection, because its competitors in the box office this time are no less strong than last. But the animation project "Season of the Hunt: Tales from the Forest" will surely lure families with children to the cinemas who follow the fate of the heroes of their favorite franchise. This time, the scriptwriters added elements of horror to the good-natured story about the life of animals. According to the plot, the bear Bug suddenly began to overcome phobias, and to help the clubfoot cope with fears, his friends organize a trip to a dark scary forest in order to give battle to the fierce werewolf. According to critics, the fourth part of the film series turned out to be much funnier and more exciting than the third,

For fans of chilling and exciting stories, our distributors have prepared an Iranian detective horror titled The Dragon Comes . This film has it all: an old cemetery shrouded in a halo of terrible secrets, a mythical dragon underground, a group of initiative citizens intending to explore this frightening place, as well as what remains of these researchers - interrogation tapes and boxes of classified materials. A new investigation will start, in which a femme fatale with a spy past will be involved, and the creators of the tape promise to present all this action under the sauce of "hypnotic electronic music". The film has earned five nominations for various awards, including the Golden Bear at the Berlin Festival . Since The Dragon Comes has mixed the historical events taking place in Iran, with mythology and documentary interviews, at first glance it looks rather absurd. However, according to critics, in the finale, the viewer receives a solid, powerful film strip, saturated with colors and meanings.


And for a sweet tooth - an unusual documentary that you can take your girlfriend to, if finances allow after the session to present her with one of the film's "heroes" ). This is the ribbon Crazy About Tiffany , which tells how a humble jewelry store in New York became an international phenomenon, and jewelry from Tiffany became a sign of good taste and the ultimate dream of any woman.

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