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Image The creator of the Stargate franchise and such popular TV series as Impact ( Leverage ) and The Librarian ( The Librarian s), is ready to present the world with another intriguing project for viewers of all ages. Variety reports that Dean Devlin will direct and produce the sci-fi tape Countdown .

The interest of Devlin and his company Electric Entertainment managed to win the script by Stephen Altire about a young lover of space. The main character of the adventure film will have to enlist the support of an engineer from NASA and his best friends to save the life of his dying father.

Altire already has a solid experience of working on family paintings. His track record includes screenplays for films about such popular movie characters as Dr. Doolittle , Scooby-Doo and Beethoven .


Countdown will be the third feature film directed by Devlin . He will soon be heading to the set of the drama The Bad Samaritan, while he is busy working on the third season of Librarians and the disaster film Geostorm, starring Gerard Butler.

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Author: Jake Pinkman