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CBS to talk about modern Robin Hoods

Image While Hollywood filmmakers are preparing several films about Robin Hood at once, the CBS channel decided that the cult hero should also make it to the small screens. As the information site Deadline found out, the television network ordered a pilot episode of the drama A Burglar's Guide to the City .

The new series will be based on the book of the same name by Jeff Mayno . Heather Kadin (Fields of Darkness / Limitless ), Alex Kurtzman (Hawaii Police Force / Hawaii Five-0 ) and Justin Lin (Fast and Furious "). The latter also plans to spearhead the shooting of the pilot. The show is scripted by Paul Grellong ( Revolution ).

The project will tell the story of a group of contemporary Robin Hoods , led by a brilliant architect with a dark past. His team uses all their unique skills to gain access to even the most secure buildings, to steal from wealthy criminals and give the loot to those who have suffered through the fault of a system mired in corruption.


The book Meino , written in the genre of non-fiction, offers a look at architecture from the point of view of a person who wants to enter a building, and invites the reader, who does not even suspect what crimes are planned within the walls of his city, on an exciting journey through tunnels, rooms and roofs of the metropolis.

The Topic of Article: CBS to talk about modern Robin Hoods.
Author: Jake Pinkman