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Karl Urban is ready to play Dredd in the TV series

Image Although the action movie Judge Dredd 3D has won accolades in the press and won the love of millions of viewers, it has failed to recoup its production budget. But as soon as the film was released on DVD, it quickly gained cult status among moviegoers and topped the sales charts of several well-known online stores. In North America alone, revenues from digital sales of Judges Dredd amounted to more than $ 20 million , but even such solid numbers did not help the filmmakers launch a sequel.

The film team, led by actor Karl Urban , even considered the idea of raising funds for the creation of the second part of the franchise, but in the end Rebellion Productions and IM Global decided that " Judge Dredd " should go to TV.

In May of this year, the franchise owners announced that they are working on the TV series " Judge Dredd: Mega City ", the main characters of which will be law enforcement officers from the giant future metropolis that occupies most of the east coast of the United States. br />

At the gathering of fans of the space saga "Star Trek" taking place these days in Las Vegas, Karl Urban admitted that he is ready to return to the image of a brave servant of the law in the upcoming series. "I am currently in talks with the creators of this show," said the actor. "If they have a decent script on their hands, I would love to play Dredd again."


Officials of Rebellion Developments and IM Global are still keeping secret information about their potential partners and the format of the series, but rumors have already appeared in Hollywood that such popular online are showing an active interest in the TV project -services like Netflix , Hulu and Amazon .

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Author: Jake Pinkman