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US Box Office disowns the Blair Witch

Image Last weekend ( September 16-18 ) gave North American audiences some interesting movie premieres, but in the end, no newcomer was able to become a worthy competitor for the drama Clint Eastwood Miracle on the Hudson ".

Having lost 37% of the audience, the tape ended the weekend with the amount of $ 22 million . In total, the picture about the feat of Chesley Sullenberger has $ 70.5 million in his collection. It is noteworthy that after two weeks at the box office, Miracle on the Hudson is just a little short of the final result of another film starring Tom Hanks - Spy Bridge.

Outside the US, Eastwood's biographical drama doesn't enjoy the same popularity among viewers, but it already has $ 23.4 million on the world stage. In total, today the tape has managed to earn $ 93.9 million .


They help to attract public attention and positive reviews from critics who noted the realism of what is happening on the screen. Eastwood accurately reproduced the half hour that went down in the history of New York. An important place in the film is occupied not only by the emergency landing, but also by Sally 's mental anguish. Despite the fact that many considered Captain Sullenberger a hero, he felt the influence of red tape on himself, and Tom Hanks managed to convey all the emotions that gripped the pilot in those days.


But who cannot boast of rave reviews is the horror movie " The Blair Witch: A New Chapter ". Initially, the whole project was shrouded in an aura of mystery and even had a different name. Only at the Comic-Con festival did the filmmakers admit that it would be a sequel to the Blair Witch franchise. However, the first weekend at the box office did not meet expectations - instead of the projected $ 20 million , the Adam Wingard tape grossed only $ 9.7 million . It is also not necessary to count on the rest of the countries of the studio Lionsgate - overseas viewers brought the new Blair Witch only $ 4.9 million . Fortunately, the horror movie was filmed at a minimal cost of $ 5 million .

Some critics even praised Wingard's attempt to continue the franchise, but viewers were so disappointed with it that they gave the horror a D + rating. The film turned out to be intense and unpredictable, but the project team used many of the findings of the original Blair Witch , only slightly modernizing them.


The third line was taken by another rental debutant - the romcom " Bridget Jones 3 " with $ 8.2 million . It was assumed that the picture was supposed to be the best in the film series, but the opposite happened. Given that the tape received significantly more copies than the previous installments, the filmmakers were probably disappointed with the first results. On the other hand, the franchise about Bridget Jones has always focused not only on home, but also on worldwide distribution, and in other countries the triquel has already earned $ 29.9 million .

The only good news is that the reviewers speak well of Bridget Jones 3 . The film is as cute and witty as The Diary of Bridget Jones, and the return of director Sharon Maguire played a significant role in this.


The fourth position in the top-5 went to the biographical drama " Snowden ". Given the controversy of Oliver Stone's creation, journalists did not consider him a possible leader in the box office. In its first weekend, the film about Edward Snowden grossed $ 8 million and divided critics into two camps. Some confidently call the film Stone one of the most important political dramas in the history of American cinema, while others considered it too overloaded and does not give a clear idea of who is Snowden .


The fifth place in the financial rating was taken by the horror movie " Don't Breathe ", which added another $ 5.6 million to its piggy bank. The tape Federico Alvarez has already amazed many with its results at the box office, and now the horror can even boast of earned $ 75.3 million with a modest budget of $ 9.9 by today's standards million .

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Author: Jake Pinkman