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Nightfall New Years Eve: Watch This Week

Image The coming weekend can be called a fasting weekend: out of seven films coming out, only two claim to be more popular. Nevertheless, movie lovers will not be left out, and if you cannot find any of the new products to your liking, you can always visit the previous major premieres.

The second weekend of December will be the beginning of the introduction of various light New Year's films on the screens of cinemas. Two tapes play at once on this field - the American " New Year's corporate party " and the domestic " Hurray! Holidays! ". With them, the atmosphere of winter holidays will settle in the auditoriums, which will stay there until the end of January.

The title " New Year's Party " immediately makes it clear to the public what exactly they will see in this comedy.The plot is straightforward - the director of a large company Carol (Jennifer Aniston) is going to disband the branch in Chicago, which is run by her slacker brother Clay (TJ Miller). To avoid losing his job, he and his advisor John (Jason Bateman) decide to impress a wealthy client and get him to close a deal. They think to seduce a businessman with a great corporate party to show how friendly and good the company staff is.Such a strange way to achieve financial success results in a grandiose party, like some kind of "Project X" in the office. Despite its optional, full of Christmas mood,

"New Year's party"
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The USA New Year's film is a family comedy, so if you want to give your child a feeling of the coming holidays, " Vacation! " will be the best choice.The plot of the picture is centered around the family of the sixth grader Pasha , who, together with his parents, goes to rest at a ski resort. However, the joy of the long-awaited long weekend is overshadowed by the fact that he fell unrequitedly in love with Tamara , a girl slightly older than himself, who also came to ski. The adventurous motif of this cute story of teenage love comes along with a mysterious necklace found by Pasha . It supposedly brings success and, moreover, costs fabulous money. Naturally, the villain begins to hunt for the relic.Confused promotional materials make it difficult to fully figure out the atmosphere of the film, but one should hardly expect anything unusual from a standard winter comedy.

Definitely the most important release this weekend is Tom Ford's dramatic thriller Under Cover of Night , which won the Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival. . The second film by the fashion designer, who made his film debut seven years ago with the film "A Lonely Man", was again very warmly received by critics and colleagues. This fact clearly demonstrates that the success of Tom Ford in directing was not accidental. Moreover, after the premiere of the film, some reviewers put Ford on the list of leading aspiring directors.

Under Cover of Night
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In the center of the plot are the ex-spouses Edward and Susan . In their youth, both dreamed of becoming ministers of art: Edward wanted to write books, and Susan - paintings. Their marriage collapsed as well as their dreams. Susan became realistic and stopped believing that her ex-husband would be able to produce at least something worthwhile, so she was especially surprised by the manuscript of Edward , received twenty years after the breakup. Titled " Nocturnal animals ", which is consonant with the original title of the tape, it is dedicated to her. In the characters of this frightening and tough thriller, a woman sees both herself and her ex-spouse.Praise from critics deserved the acting of the actors, the intense plot, visual performance and mood of the picture, referring to the best projects of Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch. And in addition to the story told, the director brought in his thriller reflections on the mutual influence of life and art on each other.

Almost a year after the release in the homeland, a detective thriller finally hit the domestic cinemas - " Worse than a lie " Shintaro Shimosawa . Unfortunately, this novelty has to be counted as a failure of the debut director. She received extremely low ratings from critics, despite the convoluted plot and a stellar cast, squeezing everything out of their roles.A young lawyer Ben Cahill (Josh Duhamel), along with his authoritative chief lawyer Charles Abrams (Al Pacino), decide to sue the director of a pharmaceutical company Arthur Denning b>(Anthony Hopkins). The clinical trials he faked resulted in the deaths of patients taking the new drug. However, Denning is not afraid of litigation: not without the help of bribery, he never lost such cases. The film begins as a legal or financial drama, but soon turns into a twisted detective story, and the perfect murder dramatically increases the stakes in the showdown between lawyers and a businessman.

"House in front"
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Well, the viewers who have already managed to catch their breath after the talentedly filmed and truly terrible horror "Don't Breathe" will be able to tickle their nerves again at the premiere of the horror film " The House Opposite ". Staged by Marcus Dunstan , it is similar to " Don't Breathe " in that it is not the paranormal, but the common man, that brings fear to it. For Dunstan this is not the first horror film - he directed both parts of The Collector and wrote a number of other horror films.The House Opposite ” tells the story of John , the nephew of a drug dealer, who, along with the girl Rosie , works for his uncle in a small village. A strange old man lives next to them - no one knows what he is doing, no one knows who he is. When Rosiedisappears, John goes to the mysterious neighbor to find out if he has seen the girl. The secrets that the guy discovers in the man's house will turn into a terrible nightmare ...

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