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Olympic Finals and House Dinosaur: Watch This Week

Image Very soon the traditional parade of New Year's films will begin on USA TV channels. Those who do not want to spend the holidays in front of the TV watching the good old classics should think about going to the cinema for the last screenings of the outgoing year.

The final week of domestic film distribution in 2017 will delight viewers with four novelties, among them - a tape about one of the most dramatic moments in the history of the Olympic Games, another part of the animated franchise about the adventures of three heroes, the Australian response to Mysterious Events and a film-winner of the Cannes Film Festival.

After the Legend # 17 tape earned rave reviews in the press and became a 100% hit in the USA box office, domestic studios began to show an active interest in the sports drama genre. Nikita Mikhalkov's company "TriTe" was no exception, which will present to the audience the picture "Moving Up" about the performance of the USSR national basketball team at the 1972 Munich Olympics. In the final of the tournament, Soviet basketball players met with the US team, which had previously won seven Olympic Games in a row. The victory in the match allowed the USSR to win the 50th gold medal in Munich, and at the same time to dispel the myth about the invincibility of American students who won 63 victories in a row at the Olympics.


The plot of the sports drama is based on the autobiography of Sergei Belov, who at one time became the first non-American athlete to enter the Basketball Hall of Fame. Such participants of the legendary Olympic final as Ivan Edeshko, Alzhan Zharmukhamedov and Modestas Paulauskas acted as consultants for the film. Despite the immense popularity of basketball, the world of cinema rarely indulges viewers with films about this spectacular sport. It turns out to be too difficult to shoot them in technical terms. In order to convey the dynamics of the game as realistically as possible, the creators of "Moving Up" involved six camera crews on the set at once and carefully rehearsed each fragment of the match. A special pride of the sports drama team was also the computer model of the arena "Rudi-Sedlmeier-Halle"


The opportunity to organize a family trip to the cinema for USAs next week will be presented by the Melnitsa studio. The animated film "Three heroes and the princess of Egypt" will be the eighth part of the cartoon franchise about the adventures of the famous characters of epics. The last time the heroes of the fairytale film series visited the screens at the beginning of this year, when the film "Three Heroes and the Sea King" more than three times paid off its $ 4 million budget. This time, by the will of the irrepressible imagination of the scriptwriters, Ilya Muromets, Dobrynya Nikitich and Alyosha Popovich will be thrown into Egypt, where they will meet Princess Nefertiti and save the New Year.

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Another new movie is designed for a family audience - the Australian action adventure "My Favorite Dinosaur". The main character of the story will be a boy named Jake, who will shelter a strange pet. To the surprise of the teenager and his faithful friends, the wonderful animal will begin to evolve dramatically. Although the film by Matt Drummond has earned some controversial reviews in the Australian press, it will certainly be able to attract the interest of USA fans of Mysterious Events, Goonies and the films of the early Steven Spielberg.

Lovers of European cinema will be able to celebrate the New Year in Paris. The drama "Young Woman" tells the story of a girl named Paula, who decided to conquer the French capital. In May of this year, the tape took part in the program "Unusual View" of the 70th Cannes Film Festival. The Young Woman was warmly received by critics and brought director Leonor Serai the Golden Camera award for Best Director's Debut.

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