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A good reason to smile. Infinity War Teaser Trailer

Image "... And give this person a shield!". The Marvel Studio has published on the Web the first dubbed teaser trailer of its fantastic blockbuster "Avengers: Infinity War", the director's chair of which was shared by brothers Anthony and Joe Russo. In the video presented, good heroes recall the old days, and a bad villain adorns his glove with unusual rhinestones.

This thrilling superhero reunion kicks off four years after the events of the second Guardians of the Galaxy. Characters familiar to the audience, whose paths briefly parted after what happened in the film "The First Avenger: Confrontation", will be forced to reunite (including with the colorful guys guarding the galaxy) to fight the insolent Thanos. The greedy villain set out to collect all the Infinity Stones and, with their help, change reality as he pleases.

ImageIn the trailer, we just have the good fortune to watch Thanos languishing over with his pebbles, like Kashchei over gold, at the same time trying to ward off annoying superheroes with pretentious phrases about a cruel fate and the bitterness of defeat. Meanwhile, Iron Man and company are reflexive due to the fact that they have once tried to get together and"fight where others are powerless", and, judging by the dark flashbacks and their sad faces, they I don't really want to get involved in the slaughter again. But this is until the superheroes met Star-Lord's merry company ...

Let us remind you that rumors have been circulating on the Internet for a long time that some of the characters in Infinity War will not survive the events of the film. One of the directors, Anthony Russo, also confirmed the existence of a kind of "list of victims". Before the release of the trailer, Marvel fans assumed that it could be Tony Stark or Steve Rogers, but now Vision is called the weak link.

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We will find out which superhero we will have to say goodbye to on May 3, when the USA premiere of the blockbuster will take place.

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