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Faster. Higher. Stronger

Image ShivHans Pictures was founded just a couple of years ago, but has already made a splash in Hollywood with strong independent films such as Trumbo and Captain Fantastic. As it became known to the publication Deadline, the young studio is ready to take on a new intriguing project. ShivHans Pictures decided to join forces with In Cahoots on the biographical drama Special * about Anne Burke's life, with the active participation of which the Special Olympics organization was formed.

The idea of holding a large-scale sports event for children and adults with mental disabilities belongs to Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who in the early 60s of the last century had the courage to announce to reporters that her sister Rosemary was born with an intellectual disorder. A few years later, the Kennedy Clan Foundation decided to support the project of 24-year-old physical education teacher Ann Burke, who came up with a kind of analogue of the Olympic Games for people with intellectual disabilities.

The first Games took place in July 1968. About a thousand athletes from the USA and Canada took part in the one-day sports festival at the famous Chicago's Soldier Field stadium.


If the US Olympic Committee allowed the Burke organization to use the word "Olympics" in its name already in 1971, then the members of the International Olympic Committee officially recognized "Special Olympics" only two decades later. To date, the special Olympic movement unites about 6 million athletes from 172 countries.


The script for "Special" belongs to young Hollywood writer Matthew Scott Weiner, and the director's chair of the biopic is expected to be taken by the head of studio In Cahoots Ken Kuopis ("The Office").

* - preliminary translation.

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