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Perfect Hamm and good Khabensky: watch this week

Image The menu of cinemas next week will look like a lean one: for a snack we will be served a horror prequel on a Ouija board and dubious taste of USA animation, and the main course will be several easily digestible diet comedies. And this is understandable, because the main magnet of viewers' attention, Doctor Strange, opened at the box office quite recently, and our distributors, of course, do not intend to block its way with strong competitors. However, fans of high-quality, low-budget (in comparison with Hollywood blockbusters) cinema will have something to profit from even this seeming lack of fish.

In particular, one of the new products will certainly appeal to those moviegoers who have long noted the comedic talent of John Hamm. In the film "Spies in the Neighborhood" he will appear in the form of an ideal neighbor, an ideal husband and, as it turns out in the course of the plot, not a very ideal spy.

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It should be noted that the game of Hamm is far from the only strong point of the picture. Some critics emphasized that in this well-made parody of spy action films, all the familiar attributes of the genre are well balanced: jokes on the verge of a foul do not cause outright heartburn, the plot does not suffer from a lack of logic, and the minor actors play no worse than the four main actors.


Another pleasant surprise for moviegoers will be the domestic comedy "Good Boy" directed by Oksana Karas. Its plot revolves around a schoolboy named Kolya , in love with a teacher and at the same time being the object of his classmate's passion. Such a simple plot, with the participation of such actors as Konstantin Khabensky, Mikhail Efremov and Tatyana Dogileva, turned into a very kind, slightly provocative and incredibly emotional, non-fake action. This kind of pictures in our cinema today is a rarity - they are released no more often than once every few years and usually are not accompanied by much hype in the press. However, one way or another, they find their audience, because no "Christmas trees" will stifle in us the hope that good USA cinema exists, you just need to show a little patience.<

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But a schoolgirl who looks into the cinema hall next to "Good Boy" will have more serious problems than difficult falling in love. Horror "Ouiji. The Curse of the Devil's Board , a prequel to the more than successful 2014 film, takes us to California in the mid-1960s. Alice buried her husband, and is now left with two daughters. To feed them, the woman started conducting paid spiritualistic seances, but if she only suspected how such an enterprise would turn out for the psyche of her youngest daughter ... Judging by the first reviews, "Curse of the Devil's Board" will not be less success than the original tape. Most reviewers agreed that the prequel turned out to be much more inventive and scary than the first part. When, even in such modest projects in terms of budget, their creators put all their love and skill, it does not go unnoticed.


As for meeting the needs of young viewers, next week the cartoon "The Bremen robbers" will be responsible for this, the creators of which took the heroes of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale known to all children and intricately abused them. The donkey in this version turned out to be a donkey, the music for the film was written by Arkady Ukupnik, and the dashing company of motley animals, according to the plot, is preparing to rob the royal treasury, thereby punishing the greedy ministers and returning his money to the common people. It's hard to say what this cartoon will teach the younger generation, but you can fully appreciate its artistic value from the trailer.

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Fans of sparkling French comedies in our cinemas will be awaited by the brilliant Jean Dujardin in the form of a silly surfer who abandons his usual life and rushes to the aid of his best friend. It is curious that this hero was invented by Dujardin himself, in the distant 90s, while recording one of his sketches. Jean portrayed his own classmate, and in 2005 Bris - the first surfer in the world who did not ride a single wave - already amused the French on the big screens in the film "Brice the Magnificent". Super Brice is the sequel to this comedy, despite the fact that its original title is Brice 3 .


The vast majority of men in the city of Zarechensk are losers. If you are worried about this truly catastrophic situation, go to a session of the USA comedy Love Without Rules , the protagonist of which dared to go against circumstances and organize in his city something like a health brothel. In his opinion, this should have spurred the wives of losers to show them more respect and at least stop skimping on marital duty. Note that the director of the project was Dmitry Astrakhan (“You are the only one”), who recently told reporters the following:“If I were the president, I would make my film a must-see ... At night, spouses need to raise the demographic situation, and not sort things out ". Perhaps the president should listen to Astrakhan ,
And the last on the list of premieres on November 10 is the French comedy "Mama's Boy" about how a 19-year-old boy is trying by all means to get rid of his mother's new boyfriend. The filming was directed by Julie Delpy, the star of Richard Linklater's wonderful trilogy of Before Dawn, Before Sunset and Before Midnight.

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