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”Fantastic Four”: neither for ourselves nor for people

Image When the Marvel Entertainment Group corporation declared itself bankrupt at the end of 1996, hardly anyone could believe that two decades later it would control the highest grossing franchise in the history of cinema. In order to stay afloat, the famous publishing house had to sell the rights to many of the characters in its comics to Hollywood studios. The success of its own cinematic universe allowed Marvel to return to their native land of Punisher , Ghost Rider and Blade . The company's undoubted success was also the deal with the studio Sony on joint custody of Spider-Man .

In early 2015, the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige admitted that his company would like to return the rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four b>, which at one time were transferred to the film company 20th Century Fox . Over the past two and a half years, Hollywood studios have taken several steps towards each other at once. Last November, screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese admitted that the bosses of Marvel kindly allowed them to use the mutant girl Ellie Feemister , nicknamed Supersonic, in the script for Deadpool. Warhead . In response, Fox gave Feige the right to use the living planet Ego
Hollywood studios have also decided to join forces on the series Legion. The premiere of the telecomic took place in February this year. The novelty of the FX channel has earned rave reviews in the press and has already received an extension for a second season.


To the disappointment of the multi-million army of comic book fans, the cooperation of the two majors in the field of big cinema can hardly be called so fruitful. Fox does not explicitly intend to share with Marvel the rights to key X-Men characters. Although last year's "Apocalypse" was not a great success with critics, it quite successfully paid off its budget. Unsurprisingly, Fox bosses have already launched its sequel, Dark Phoenix, in which nearly all of the major stars of the second X-Men trilogy will participate. The latest mutant solo albums are extremely successful at the box office: " Deadpool " and "Logan" emptied viewers' pockets for almost $ 1.4 billion .

The Fantastic Four seemed to have a good chance of getting back under control of Marvel . In 2015, Fox 's attempt to reboot the film series ended in a massive fiasco. The first talk that the franchise's only salvation could be a merger with the Marvel universe emerged eight months before the release of Josh Trunk's movie.


According to financial analysts, the $ 120 million winner of the " Golden Raspberry - 2016 " award brought the studio at least $ 60 million losses. The deal with Marvel looked like the smartest decision, but over the past two years, the bosses of Fox have not decided on the future of the franchise. In a new interview with Allocine Kevin Feige made it clear that fans of The Fantastic Four comics should not expect to see their favorite heroes soon with the The Avengers . "We currently have no plans for Fantastic Four , said the head of Marvel Studios . -We are not in any negotiations with the studio Fox .

The terms of the original deal between the companies are kept secret. It is possible that after a few years, 20th Century Fox will have to shoot a sequel to the 2015 film or even reboot the franchise once again in order to renew the rights to Fantastic Four .

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