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Casting: Silverstone to matriarchy, Whishaw to Mary Poppins

Image Fascination and Clueless, as well as Aerosmith's music videos, made Alicia Silverstone a teen idol and seemed to guarantee success in the Dream Factory. But something went wrong, and at the end of the 90s, the career of the young actress began to decline, stretching for almost a decade and a half. Be that as it may, Silverstone has not broken and continues to bend its line in the world of film and television. This year, four films with her participation may appear on the big screens at once, and recently The Hollywood Reporter wrote about the actress's new project - the fourth part of the film franchise "Diary of a Wimpy", called Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul .

In a story based on a novel by writer Jeff Kinney, schoolboy Greg Heffley convinces the family to embark on a road trip that ends at the home of his great-grandmother, who is preparing to celebrate her 90th birthday. However, the real reason for this initiative was not a relative's anniversary, but a congress of gamers taking place not far from the destination ...


The fourth part of the series will be the first film in which Zachary Gordan and Robert Capron, who portrayed the protagonist and his friend Rowley Jefferson in the first three films, will not take part. Jason Ian Drucker and Owen Aztalos will take on the roles mentioned, replacing the matured actors. Silverstone will play Susan - Gregg's mother and also the head of a matriarchy family. The film is shot by the director of the second and third parts, David Bowers.

Ben Whishaw , who played Q in the two most recent James Bond films , may join the cast of the sequel to Disney's Mary Poppins. If negotiations are successful, Mary Poppins Returns will work with Whishaw , playing nanny-witch Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Meryl Streep. Directed by Rob Marshall.

ImageThe movie will unfold 25 years after the events of the original, during times of the Great Depression in London. Whishaw will portray the adult Michael Banks , playing a key role in the new story. The hero, who has survived a personal drama, comes to the rescue of his older sister Jane , and then Mary Poppins appears in the house, who, along with the lamplighter Jack ( Miranda ) will try to make Michael and his three children happy ...

Filming will take place early next year, with the film hitting theaters on 25 December 2018 .

The young American actor Scott Eastwood has been featured in the films Suicide Squad and Fury that have been released. He also took part in the filming of the upcoming dramas Snowden, Nightlife and the action movie Fast and Furious 8 ... This list turned out to be enough to get the main role in the upcoming curious project. Clint Eastwood's son will play one of the two central characters in Wayne Kramer's science fiction film Ecstasia .

Eastwood and Italian actress Matilda Anna Ingrid Luts will play lovers in a world where love no longer exists. Natural feeling, of course, can be artificially stimulated with the help of computer technology, but huge sums of money have to be laid out for this. The heroes do not have them, and the love that broke out between them is only a few days left to live ...


The film will be filmed in the spring of 2017 in South Africa.

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