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Wonder Woman received a sequel and went for an Oscar

Image With Wonder Woman hitting the top-grossing blockbuster title this summer, it became apparent that Warner Bros. had a responsibility to give it a sequel. The long-awaited announcement of the second film about the adventures of Diana Prince took place at the last Comic-Con festival, and now the management of the Hollywood major has announced the date of its premiere. The new solo album of the Amazon Princess will be released on December 19, 2019.

Wonder Women 2 has already been written by DC Universe Curator Jeff Jones and Part 1 Director Patty Jenkins . Curiously, WB has yet to officially announce that Patty will return to directing the sequel. It would be a crime on the part of studio bosses to refuse the services of the creator of the best film of their young MCU, and therefore the news of the conclusion of a contract with Jenkins will surely be just a matter of time. The Major is also expected to seriously increase the fees of Gal Gadot .

The good news for Wonder Woman fans doesn't end there. According to Variety , the leadership of WB intends to nominate their superhero blockbuster for the " Oscar " award not only in technical nominations, but in categories such as Best Film and Best Director.


If a massive blockbuster promo campaign succeeds, Wonder Woman could be the first comic strip to win the Best Film of the Year award. In 2008, the WB already had an excellent contender for the most prestigious gold statuette in the face of the " The Dark Knight ". To the disappointment of audiences and critics alike, the second part of Christopher Nolan's trilogy failed to make it into the top five Oscar nominees for Best Picture.


There was such a fuss around the 81st world film awards ceremony that soon the academics were forced to increase the number of finalists in this nomination. Over the years, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has seriously rejuvenated, and therefore Wonder Woman has a good chance of breaking through the pre-screening sieve.

The new appearance of the heroine Gal Gadot in the MCU DC will take place in November in the blockbuster Justice League.

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