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Toy store intruders

Image For a couple of years now, Disney has been working on a family comedy called Overnight - the film has managed to change several directors, but remains a priority for the major. According to the news site The Hollywood Reporter , the project now has a new helmsman - David Dobkin is negotiating to lead the shoot.

Neil H. Moritz and Ori Marmura (The Passengers) are producing the new film, and the script is written by Oren Uzil (Macho and the Nerd 2). The project was originally described as "Home Alone" in the scenery of a toy store.Father and son will be at the center of events, having a chance to spend the whole night in a huge department store, but, as evil, it is on this very night that a gang of criminals decides to rob him.

Initially, Sony studio was engaged in the project, but later the rights to it were bought by the management of House of Mouse , and since then the film has managed to interest such directors as Ruben Fleischer, Steve Pink and Jared Hess.


David Dobkin is no stranger to the comedy genre - he is best known for his films The Crashers, The Shanghai Knights and I Want It Like You. The last film work of the filmmaker at the moment is the crime drama "Judge" with Robert Downey Jr., after which Dobkin managed to shoot several more episodes of the series "In the Desert of Death" ( Into the Badlands ).

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