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Benedict Cumberbatch will pay for sports interest

Image Jeffrey Household's novel The Lone Wolf has already been adapted for both large and small screens. However, Benedict Cumberbatch intends to re-film the classic. According to the portal The Hollywood Reporter , the actor will not only produce the tape, but will also play the main role in it.

The book Household tells the story of a British sportsman and hunter who tried to take aim at the European dictator. And although the hero did not plan to pull the trigger, and the "hunt" was carried out for the sake of sports interest, he was caught, severely tortured and thrown off a cliff. He managed to survive and fled back to England, but was forced to hide in the countryside from enemy agents and police pursuing him.

It is noteworthy that in his novel Household he did not mention the name of the dictator, but later in an interview the writer admitted that he always meant Adolf Hitler as an antagonist. In 1941, the movie The Hunt for a Man was released with Walter Pidgeon and Joan Bennett in the lead roles, and Hitler was the victim of the assassination attempt. 35 years later, the BBC channel created a TV movie of the same name based on the Lone Wolf .


The script for the Cumberbatch project will be written by Michael Lessley ("Macbeth"). Benedict himself is still busy filming the fourth season of Sherlock ( Sherlock ), and in November the actor will make his debut in the MCU Marvel in the blockbuster Doctor Strange ".

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