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George Clooney will use the 22nd Amendment

Image The list of Hollywood stars who have decided to work for the benefit of American television has been replenished with another big name. As it became known to the publication Deadline, actor, director and producer George Clooney is preparing his return to the small screens.

The Oscar winner made his acting debut in 1978 in the mini-series The Century. The world of television not only gave Clooney the first role, but also helped to gain worldwide fame. Critical recognition and audience love came to George thanks to the image of pediatrician Doug Ross on the show "Ambulance". After leaving the legendary medical drama, Clooney focused on his film career and rarely agreed to participate in television projects.

To date, the actor has such valuable awards as an Oscar and a Golden Globe. In 2010, the organizers of the 62nd Emmy Awards awarded Clooney with the Bob Hope Special Prize for Humanitarian Aid, but the main award from the American Television Academy has yet to grace his trophy collection. It is possible that the new project will allow George to join the fight for the Emmy for the fourth time.


Clooney reportedly intends to direct and co-star in a six-part mini-series based on Joseph Heller's satirical novel Amendment 22 (another translation is Catch 22). The book is set on the Italian island of Pianosa at the height of World War II. The main character of the story was the captain of the US Air Force, John Yossarian, who was tired of endless sorties into enemy territory. He soon learns that he can return home only if he receives from the army leadership an official document recognizing himself as mentally ill. However, the so-called Amendment-22 prevents Yossarian from escaping the horrors of war. According to this government decree, only madmen can agree to perform the most dangerous flight missions. If one of the officers of the bomber regiment demands that he be removed from service, then he is well aware of all the existing risks. This makes him quite a sane person who cannot be sent to civilian life with a diagnosis of “crazy”.


In 1970, Heller's famous novel was already the basis for a feature film by Mike Nichols. The military comedy was rather coolly received by critics and could not recoup its $ 18 million budget, but over the years it managed to acquire a truly cult status among moviegoers. The second attempt to film Amendment 22 was made in 1973. The role of Yossarian in the pilot episode of the sitcom based on the satirical book by Heller was played by Richard Dreyfuss, but the management of the CBS channel did not begin production of the series.


The script for the new adaptation of Amendment 22 was written by Luke Davis (The Lion) and David Michaud (By the Laws of the Wolf). Clooney will share the miniseries director's duties with his longtime friend and business partner Grant Heslov, and will also embody the image of the commander of the bomber regiment - Colonel Cathcart. The absurd comedy will be produced by Paramount Television and Anonymous Content, which have already begun offering their intriguing project to the management of America's leading channels and online services.

It is expected that the filming of "Amendment-22" will start early next year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman