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23 incarnations of McAvoy. Split Trailer

Image Creative career M. Night Shyamalan developed quite unevenly - after the "Sixth Sense" and "Signs", which brought the director public recognition, he shot the frankly disastrous blockbuster "After our era." Last year, the horror film "Visit" was released, which critics praised and considered the return of Shyamalan .

The filmmaker decided not to stop there and turned to the topic of split personality in his new horror movie " Split ". In the main character of the picture, not two, but 23 individualities coexist at once - from a boy to a dangerous maniac. And James McAvoy played such a versatile character.

Kevin was diagnosed with multiple personality syndrome. Moreover, when one is replaced by another, the man is transformed not only psychologically, but also physically. Once he kidnaps three girls, and here the worst begins - the lines between his alter ego are erased, threatening to release a real beast ...

Duplicate Trailer

Split is set to premiere in the US on January 20, 2017 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman