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WB is preparing the greatest duel of wizards

Image A week ago, we reported that Johnny Depp has joined the cast of the fantasy franchise Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them . At the same time, rumors arose on the Web that the three-time Oscar nominee could play Gellert Grindelwald , who was considered the most powerful dark wizard before the appearance of Volan de Morta .

In an interview with The Leaky Cauldron , director David Yates confirmed the information that in the second film of the film series, Depp will have to embody the image of a connoisseur of magical arts. “ Johnny is a great actor, - said the director. -Throughout his career, he has created many film images that have managed to leave their mark on modern pop culture. When we started looking for the performer of the role of Grindelwald , we had a question: "Who can look at this hero from the most interesting angle?" Johnny immediately came to mind. He is fearless, ambitious and always creative in creating each of his characters. We wanted to know how he sees the image of Gellert .

The dark magician has already appeared in the plot of the film adaptation of the book cycle about The Boy-Who-Lived . Young Gellert was played by Jamie Campbell Bower, and the image of a wizard in old age was embodied by Michael Byrne.


Yeats also announced that in the second part of " Fantastic Beasts " viewers will meet another famous Harry Potter hero - Albus Dumbledore . Admirers of J.K. Rowling knows that Grindelwald and the headmaster of Hogwarts were once friends, but then found themselves on opposite sides of the barricades in a conflict between the forces of good and evil. It is possible that in one of the upcoming films, viewers will have the opportunity to see the battle of powerful wizards, which some inhabitants of the world of Rowling called the greatest magic duel in history.


Last month it became known that the leadership of WB has decided to turn the prequel " Harry Potter " from a trilogy into a pentalogy. If the action of the first film of the fantasy saga unfolds in New York, then in the second part its heroes will visit the Old World. "The sequel will see viewers travel to the UK and Paris," announced Yates . The director also let it slip that the next film will feature an on-screen meeting between Dumbledore and the protagonist of Fantastic Beasts , the zoologist Newt Scamander .

Pleasant news for fans of the franchise should also be information that the studio intends to release films about magicians and Muggles every two years. Filming for the sequel will begin next summer, and its premiere is scheduled for November 15, 2018 .


It is expected that Johnny Depp will have a cameo already in the first part of the film series, which will be released in USA on November 17 .

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