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Doomsday for Ghostbusters: Watch This Week

Image Next Thursday, a film will open in our cinemas, which began to evoke sharply negative emotions among moviegoers at the very early stage of the production process. We are talking about the blockbuster "Ghostbusters" , all the main roles in which are played by comedic actresses, and Chris Hemsworth, announced in the credits, apparently performs the function of the cherry on the cake - he got the role of the secretary of this female commands.

To the great surprise of domestic haters, the first reviews of the reboot of the cult franchise were positive, and at the time of writing this review on the review aggregator RottenTomatoes , the picture holds a 73% rating that is not bad for such an abundance of criticism. Obviously, the picture was saved by the main American comedians: the same Melissa McCarthy, for example, was even nominated for Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in the film "Bachelorette Party in Vegas", and her partner in the fight against evil spirits Kristen Wiig wrote the script for Bachelorette and in this capacity was nominated for the main film award. Without a doubt, these women know how to make viewers laugh, even if the script is disappointing or there is a high degree of prejudice towards the very idea of a reboot.

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However, USA critics turned out to be less complacent about the new film. According to our film researchers, the new Ghostbusters is just another summer blockbuster, and quite light and unpretentious. And although he tries in places to pay tribute to the classic film that has won our hearts forever, this restart will not leave a trace in history. Among the advantages are high-quality special effects and a vigorous soundtrack, and the general conclusion regarding the main premiere of the week is this: the devil is not so bad as inadequate commentators on the Internet.

The Neon Demon
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For those who miss the original European arthouse, our distributors have prepared a new film by Nicholas Winding Refn "The Neon Demon" . This time the director of "Drive", loved by the domestic audience, decided to plunge into the attractive world of supermodels, but he shot not a drama, but a thriller with horror elements. It turned out, as is often the case with Refna , strange, but not without interest. Many were quick to reiterate that the Danish filmmaker had overstepped the stylistics to the detriment of the plot and character development, but loyal fans of Nicholas dubbed his new picture a wonderful hallucination, capable of driving only an unprepared viewer to sleep, and a true cinematographer only ecstasy and even trance. In general, "The Neon Demon" is a movie, of course, for an amateur.

Judgment Night 3
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From horror for the elite, we are moving on to mainstream horror for all fans of the genre. Judgment Night 3 , which will open in USA cinemas only next Thursday, has already won overseas audiences. Having touched upon the topic of elections, which is relevant for the American now, and strengthened the already powerful intrigue, director James DeMonaco in the United States earned for Universal almost six times more than the budget allocated to him and quite rubs his hands. Fans of the series called the third part the best, and venerable critics praised the filmmaker's ability to make a perfectly structured movie out of the utter chaos and anarchy that is happening in the frame.

ImageFans of black humor Kevin Smith can recommend his new project, which is in our the box office got the original name Yoganutye . The main roles in the film were played by the daughter of Smith himself, Harley Quinn Smith, and another star son - Lily-Rose Melody Depp.

In the story, two young girls work part-time in a supermarket, desperately hate their job and crave at least some adventure. The adventure will appear to them in the form of a mysterious barbel with strange hints, after which, which is very typical for the films of Smith , complete chaos will begin. Judging by the trailer, only the brain of a moviegoer who sympathizes with all sorts of harmless trash can master this spectacle.

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Football fans this week will have the chance to watch on the big screen how the career of the legendary Brazilian Pele has developed. The documentary film "Pele: The Birth of a Legend" will tell not only about the behind the scenes of sports, but will also reveal to the audience the truth about the difficult fate of the world famous football player - from his childhood to his victory at the first stage of the World Cup in Sweden ... This inspiring story will surely appeal to both sportsmen and fans, as well as those spectators who are discouraged and need a good dose of motivation - to“find the courage and show what you are capable of”.

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Fans of action-packed action movies will not be left without a portion of excellent action. Tough Measures starring Idris Elba and Richard Madden will delight you with the story of a professional agent who got into trouble during the next assignment and realized that it was time to start acting on his own. According to critics, the plot of the film does not quite match the brilliant performance of Elba , but the choreography of the battles and staging of stunts will definitely not let the audience get bored.

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And finally, the younger audience will have a choice between two animation projects in the coming week: the Australian-American cartoon The Incredible Blinky Bill invites young viewers to take an exciting journey in the company of the fearless koala and his friends, and the Chinese project "Buni Bears: The Secret of the Circus" will tell you that“the world can be good and not so, funny and sad”. But if next to you are those to whom you are dear, any adversity turns into a mere trifle, and this very world automatically becomes better, kinder and more fun.

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