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Escape from Heavenly New York

Image Over the past ten years, Hollywood has not abandoned its attempts to film a remake of the cult action movie Escape from New York by John Carpenter. The project was first handled by New Line Cinema and then transited through renowned producer Joel Silver to 20th Century Fox . In October last year, the Hollywood major decided to recruit the British Neil Cross (Luther / Luther ) to work on the script for the film.

The film company Fox hopes that the remake will be able to repeat the success of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which five years ago managed to revive another famous franchise. Cross recently handed over the first draft of the script to studio executives, which has given The Wrap some plot details for the forthcoming reboot.

Spoilers are possible further!

Since the studio has long-running plans for Escape from New York , the remake will differ significantly from the original. If the 1981 film did not reveal the name of the main character, then in the reboot viewers will learn that Snake Plissken is actually Robert .


The film will not begin in New York, but outside the United States. The creators of the remake intend to preserve the concept of a gloomy dystopian future, but Manhattan will not be a maximum security prison at all, but a kind of paradise, fenced off from the outside world by a high transparent wall. The order on the island will be monitored by drones controlled by artificial intelligence, which takes the form of a cheerful girl April .

In the original, Plissken had 22 hours to rescue the American President, whose plane was shot down over Manhattan. This time, Snake will be given half the time, and he will have to help out the charismatic playboy, billionaire and heir to the biotech corporation Thomas Newton , who five years before the events of the film decided to distribute his entire fortune ... As the plot progresses, the audience will begin to become convinced of the suspicions that he is not at all the good guy he is trying to look like. It is possible that a very limited time to complete the mission will be caused by a hurricane approaching the island: Cross played an important role in the plot of the superstorm Ellery.


Since we are talking about the first version of the script, the plot of the film can still undergo many changes. However, it is already clear that we are clearly not talking about a frame-by-frame remake. If the bosses of Fox are satisfied with the text of Cross , soon they will have to resolve the issue with the performer of the role of Plissken . Gerard Butler was considered the favorite of New Line Cinema , then Jeremy Renner and Josh Brolin began to match in the project, and a couple of years ago Charlie Hunnam, Dan Stevens and John Bernthal almost entered the fight for the role.

In 1981, Escape from New York more than recouped its modest $ 6 million budget and received four nominations for the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Film Awards . In 1996, Snake Plissken played by Kurt Russell returned to the screens in the film Escape from Los Angeles, but the sequel did not live up to the expectations of critics and was a deafening failure at the box office.


John Carpenter is expected to be executive produced for the remake of Escape from New York .

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