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Will WB play Joker again?

Image It looks like the leadership of Warner Bros. has decided on the name of the villain, who will become the main enemy of the Dark Knight in the studio's upcoming films. The recent blockbuster Suicide Squad made it clear that the opposition between Batman and Joker will play an important role in the DC MCU. The bosses WB have not forgotten about their cartoons: this year the defender of Gotham and his eternal rival became the central characters of "The Killing Joke", and next year their paths will cross in the tape "The Lego Movie: Batman".

In July this year, it became known that the animation department of the film company began work on three new cartoons. Now there are rumors on the Web that two more projects are maturing in the WB camp, in which Batman and Joker may take part. Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill , who voiced famous comic book characters in many animated films and TV series, gave rise to speculation.

According to –°omicbookmovie , in a conversation with their fans at the Fan Expo festival, the actors hinted that the studio WB Animation is developing cartoons based on such graphic short stories like " Batman: A Death in the Family " and " Batman: Silence " ( Batman: Hush ).


The first issue of Death in the Family went on sale in 1988. The comic strip by Jim Starlin tells about the tragic death of the second Robin - Jason Todd . At one time, WB already used this story as a prologue to the animated film "Batman: Under the Hood". The graphic novel " Batman: Silence" was written by Joseph Lowe III, who currently serves as the producer of Agents of SHIELD. ( Marvel's Agents of SHIELD ), "Jessica Jones" ( Jessica Jones ) and "Daredevil" ( Daredevil ). The plot of the 2002 comic book centered on the confrontation between Bruce Wayne and the enigmatic villain Hush .

At one time, " Batman: Death in the Family " and " Batman: Silence " were included in the list of 25 greatest graphic novels about The Dark Knight according to IGN editions.


Officials from the studio Warner Bros. are in no hurry to confirm the information about the start of work on the animated adaptations of these comics.

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