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Hellboy is about to restart

Image At the end of February this year, fans of the red-skinned superhero, the demon Hellboy , received some disappointing news."The third film is not destined to see the light of day",- said director Guillermo del Toro and actor Ron Perlman, who plays Hellboy in the first two films. However, according to the information portal The Hollywood Reporter , the film will still be. Comic fans are waiting for the franchise restart. With a new lead actor, new director and R rating.

Millenium is in talks with producers Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin about a new project that will reboot the superhero franchise. The director's chair for the film, tentatively titled Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen , will be taken by Neil Marshall (Descent, Doomsday, Constantine). The script was written by Andrew Cosby, Christopher Golden and comic book creator Mike Mignola.

Guillermo del Toro , like Ron Perlman , will not be involved in the production of the new film. Mysterious Events star David Harbor is currently negotiating to play Hellboy .


The Hellboy comic was created by Mike Mignola in 1993. The main character is a supernatural creature from hell, who wanted to call on the help of occultists from the Third Reich. However, as a result of the mystical ritual Hellboy ended up in Scotland, and then accidentally got to the Americans, where he was raised on a military base by a professor. After the superhero began to fight otherworldly villains in an organization called the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense.


Guillermo del Toro co-wrote and directed the first comic strip adaptation, directed by Revolution Studios and Sony in 2004. The film grossed a meager $ 99 million on a budget of $ 66 million . The second film, released in 2008, was already produced by Universal , together with the same team - del Toro at the helm and Ron Perlman as the main performer roles - but his box office was not able to satisfy the studio and recoup production costs. The movie, with a budget of $ 85 million , hit the box office with the heavyweight "The Dark Knight" Christopher Nolan, which came out just a week after the release of "Hellboy" , and eventually earned in worldwide box office just over $ 160 million .


But despite modest grosses, both films received high critical acclaim and developed a strong fan base. All this time, the creators of the project were trying to launch the third part into production. Last year, Guillermo del Toro , Dark House Entertainment , produced by Levin and Gordon , who own the rights to the franchise , considered possible options for continuing filming. The stumbling block was the budget that the director demanded to implement his ideas. In the end, the producers decided that restarting the franchise would be the best way out of this situation.

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