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BBC awaits new bird invasion

Image The film " Birds " by Alfred Hitchcock is rightfully included in the list of the director's best creations and is considered one of the creepiest horror films of the 60s. The film was based on the story of the same name by Daphne Du Maurier , but Hitchcock moved the action of the film adaptation from the UK to California. Rumors about the remake, with which the name of Michael Bay is most often associated, appeared regularly before, but the last time moviegoers heard about it three years ago, when Diederik Van Ruzhen was chosen as the director of the project.

Even if this film is not destined to make it to the big screens, the BBC company will still delight fans of "Birds" - the British channel is preparing a television version of the story, as reported by the portal Digital Spy . True, the series will still be based not on the picture of Hitchcock , but the original story of Du Maurier . It will be adapted by Irish playwright and screenwriter Conor MacPherson (Salt Water). By the way, he is well acquainted with the original source - MacPherson wrote the text for a theatrical production based on "Birds" .

It is known that BBC has no plans to move the drama to the present. As in the original, the events unfold in the 1950s in the picturesque County of Cornwall in a rural community that is under massive bird attack.


Despite the popularity of the work of Du Maurier , it was only filmed by Hitchcock . In 1994, the TV premiered the alleged sequel to the tape entitled "Birds 2: At the End of the Earth", but this project went unnoticed.

The Topic of Article: BBC awaits new bird invasion.
Author: Jake Pinkman