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Johnny Depp will part ways with Jack Sparrow?

Image Despite the fact that the fifth part of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series will be released next year, the management of the studio Disney prefers to keep secret the plot details of the new film about the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow .

When at the end of 2014 Orlando Bloom negotiated with the major to return to the role of Will Turner , he unexpectedly announced that the tape " Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales " will receive the status reboot. However, as soon as the actor put his signature on the contract, together with the officials of the film company, he began to evade questions about the future fate of the franchise.

Chattsportsnet shares rumors that Disney is indeed looking at the upcoming blockbuster as a starting point for an easy reboot of its hit movie adventure series. It is known that in the fifth film, the audience will be presented with several new characters at once. One of them will be a young boy Henry played by Brenton Thwaites, who may well be the son of Will Turner . Fans of " Pirates of the Caribbean " will also meet the heroine of Kai Scodelario - astronomer Karina Smith . If the public welcomes these characters warmly, the studio could bring them to the fore in future pirate movies.


Rumor has it that in this case, " Dead Men Tell No Tales " risk being the last part of a pirate franchise featuring Johnny Depp . This rumor should be treated with a fair amount of skepticism, since insiders do not specify whether the actor's possible departure is related to his own desire, or whether the studio sees more prospects in the story of new heroes than in the continuation of the saga of Jack Sparrow .

For several years now, high-budget films featuring Depp have failed at the box office over and over again. Until recently, this fate was avoided by the projects Disney , but even this rule was an exception when this year "Alice Through the Looking Glass" was unable to recoup its $ 170 million budget. The reputation of the performer of the role of Jack Sparrow was also negatively affected by the high-profile divorce proceedings with actress Amber Heard, who accused Depp of domestic violence.


Representatives of the studio Disney have so far refrained from comment. The USA premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales will take place on May 25, 2017 .

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