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Jason Bourne enchanted US Boxing Office

Image The last weekend in July ( July 29-31 ) in the North American box office was marked by the return of an old acquaintance - Jason Bourne played by Matt Damon. The audience waited for him for so long that they immediately chose to forget about the crew of the starship Enterprise and even more so about the ghostbusters.

The action movie Jason Bourne debuted at the box office at $ 60 million . Among all the films in the franchise, the new film Paul Greengrass in terms of starting performance was second only to The Bourne Ultimatum ($ 69.2 million) and managed to bypass The Bourne Evolution with Jeremy Renner by almost $ 22 million. At the same time, the picture is quite consistent with the trend of this year - each sequel lags behind the previous part by an average of 14.4%.

In other countries, viewers donated Jason Bourne $ 50.1 million . All previous films of the film series on the world stage earned less than in home theaters, and therefore the creators of the action movie should rely more on the American market. According to analysts' forecasts, in the United States, the fourth part will stop at $ 160 million .


Viewers who went to see Matt Damon in action did not regret their choice and gave the tape an A- rating. Critics are more reserved about the film. Some reviewers noted how subtly Greengrass felt and showed the current political situation in the film, while others believe that the franchise has already outlived its usefulness. Yes, Jason Bourne touches on the hot topics of social media and privacy, but the basic formula has remained unchanged over the years, which over time begins to become boring.

The blockbuster " Star Trek: Infinity " last weekend was content with $ 24 million . The film Justin Lean has lost almost 60% of the audience and still has $ 105.7 million in its piggy bank, despite the fact that the previous two parts of the rebooted franchise by the end of the second week became owners of much larger amounts ...


Most critics praise the film, noting how Lina has managed to produce a modern blockbuster with high-end special effects and at the same time do justice to the original series. However, the praise for the leadership of Paramount is unlikely to be enough, and so far the triquel has not even approached the production budget of $ 185 million in terms of home distribution. Journalists are already starting to wonder if the studio will allocate the same huge amount for the shooting of the next, fourth part.


On the third line of the top-5 was the comedy " Very Bad Moms ", which ended its first weekend with a result of $ 23.4 million . Overall, the movie by Scott Moore and John Lucas aroused less interest from theatergoers than expected. But those who did go to the screening gave the film an excellent A mark. Among the positive aspects of the tape, one can note really funny jokes, a successful cast and the morality behind all this tinsel about how hard it is for mothers.


The fourth position in the financial rating was taken by the cartoon "The Secret Life of Pets ", which has mastered an additional $ 18.2 million . Now pussies, who are not inferior to their owners in intelligence and the ability to entertain themselves, can boast an excellent result - $ 296.2 million in four weeks at the box office with a budget of $ 75 million .


The horror " And the lights go out ... " closes the review of the US box office. Another $ 10.8 million is credited to the David F. Sandberg feed . Thanks to the fact that the horror movie, which has at its disposal $ 42.9 million , almost nine times recouped its modest budget ( $ 4.9 million ), studio New Line has already given the go-ahead for a sequel.

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Author: Jake Pinkman