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Disney will fight the windmills

Image It turns out that not only Terry Gilliam dreams of making a film about Don Quixote - now the studio Disney wants to go along with the hero Miguel De Cervantes towards an exciting adventure. According to the site The Hollywood Reporter , House of Mouse has begun work on the adaptation of a novel about a man who believed that he was a knight.

For the first time the work of Cervantes was published back in 1605. The speech in it, we recall, is abouthidalgo by the name of Kehana , who, after rereading the novels, went mad and suddenly believed in the existence of knights, giants and dragons. Having made a simple plowman his squire, Don Quixote set off towards adventure. In his eyes, mills turned into dragons, and young peasant women became noble ladies, awaiting their savior.

The source writes that the management of Disney intends to make the film adaptation similar in atmosphere and style to "Pirates of the Caribbean". Billy Ray (Captain Phillips) is scripting the project and will share production with Gordon Gray (The Million Dollar Hand).


Don Quixote has been a guest on the big screens more than once, and the latest adaptation of Cervantes novel is Don Quixote: The Genius Gentleman from La Mancha. As for the Terry Gilliam project, the director has once again faced financial problems and cannot get the work on the film off the ground.

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Author: Jake Pinkman