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DiCaprio and Scorsese can't wait to work together

Image Usually Martin Scorsese is in no hurry to switch to a new film, having finished the previous one, and most of his paintings are separated by 2-3 years. But it seems that the director decided to follow the example of his colleague Steven Spielberg, who often shoots films one after another.

Now Scorsese is preparing to shoot one of his most anticipated projects - the crime drama The Irishman. At the same time, the director's longtime collaborator, production designer Dante Ferretti, admitted to Variety journalists that immediately after "Irish" Scorsese plans to start working on a thriller Killers of the Flower Moon ( Killers of the Flower Moon *).

For the first time, movie fans heard about the desire of Scorsese and his favorite Leonardo DiCaprio to film a novel by David Grann in April this year. The rights to adapt the work were acquired by Imperative Entertainment a year ago.


The film will focus on the tragedy that took place in the 20s in Oklahoma. Then in the reservation of Indians from Osage County, huge deposits of oil were discovered, after which a wave of murders swept through these lands, which became one of the first investigations for employees of the then unknown FBI .

According to Ferretti , the entire reservation of the Indians of the 1920s will have to be created almost from scratch, and therefore in September he will go to Oklahoma to conduct preliminary shooting of locations, since Scorsese intends shoot a thriller immediately after completing work on Irish .


Earlier in the news about the film adaptation, the name of Robert De Niro was also mentioned, but so far his participation is in question, while DiCaprio is very interested in the film adaptation. For him, The Moon Flower Killers will most likely be the first film after The Survivor, but information about another joint project of the actor and Scorsese , the thriller The Devil in the White City ", not. In December, the director only confirmed that they are working on the script for the film.

* -preliminary translation.

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